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A slice of nature amidst all the glass

May 22, 2019

Brigade Opus, a 3.5 lakh Sq.ft., ready for fit-outs modern day workplace is designed to offer a sustainable and efficient work environment. Strategically located in Hebbal, opposite Brigade Magnum, it offers quick connectivity to the city centre and the International Airport.

A striking feature at Brigade Opus, is the Bio Wall which is an unconventional glass facade. And this beauty at Brigade Opus is a structure of magnificent height and scale. Measuring 52.5 feet wide & 82 feet in height, i.e., 4,306 Sq.ft. which is currently one among India’s largest. This Bio Wall houses seven different species of plants - Alternanthera versicolor red, Scindapsus (green money plant), Pandanus variegated (bluescrew - pine), Ophiopogon green (ribbon grass green), Ophiopogon variegated (ribbon grass variegated), Rhoeo spathacea (Rhoeo), Asparagus sprengeri (Asparagus) and for Brigade logo Alternanthera versicolor red has been used.

With a total of 15,750 plants and 7 species of flora, this living Bio Wall isn’t just for aesthetics. Apart from being visually appealing, a Bio Wall is known to have direct health impact, including proven cases of improvement in air quality. The Bio Wall can be automated and monitored with natural air purification and humidification. It also functions as Brigade Opus’s very own natural air filtration system.



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