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All You Need To Know About the Basic workplace etiquette

July 26, 2022

Just like any other social construct, an organization is bound to thrive when valuable skill sets like workplace etiquette are set in place. While professional relationships can be critical, one can easily establish a strong rapport with their subordinates & supervisors, thereby paving the way for one’s professional success. It is important to remember that organizational success lies at the heart of the right communication style.

Why do we need workplace etiquette?

“Civility costs nothing and buys everything.”
- Mary Wortley Montagu

There is an unspoken expectation linked to impression building, employee engagement and social interaction in a corporate setup. As an employee, you need to be in line with it through simple yet core values such as courtesy, empathy and respect. Here’s a list of effective how-tos that can help you position yourself as a valuable asset at your workplace.

Mutual respect among co-workers.
Let’s start off with a few questions.

  • Have you ever forgotten someone’s name barely a few minutes after they have been introduced to you?
  • Has it always been about simply suiting up for the next business meeting and not about the people coming to it?

If your answer is yes to both the questions, then there needs to be a reshuffle of preferences.
It doesn’t leave a great impression of being too self-involved and socially disinterested. The bigger picture requires you to associate with your fellow employees on a deeper level with respect and undivided attention to keep relationships sustainable. For instance, on lunch with your team, indulge in conversations wholeheartedly, show up, be a good listener, and proactively spark conversations. When you treat and greet others with civility and respect, you become a happiness magnet!

Maintain virtual office etiquette.
How do you exhibit your interpersonal skills especially when you can’t shake hands or share premises? Thanks to the pandemic, we are exposed to the concept of ‘working from home’ that has trained us to set strong impressions from afar. Mediums of virtual communications such as video conferencing, emails and phone calls are our best bet. Our behavioral conduct is now governed by our virtual office etiquettes that map our performance growth even despite our physical presence at the workplace. Remote working models expect you to be virtually accessible for your “online presence”. Here are some pro-tips to set things in motion considering WFH-

  • Attend meetings and catch-up calls to reflect your interest & engagement
  • Address questions & queries clearly through written or verbal communication
  • Answer your calls instantly by being highly responsive to all your team members

In the end, it all comes down to making people feel heard and respected.

Take accountability for your work.
If you are in a conflict or a conversation, being accountable could be slightly nuanced. In an environment based on trust, it becomes easier to admit to mistakes without fearing judgment. Setting team-wide goals and individual goals alongside offering regular feedback help steer clear of confusion & misunderstanding. In case of conflicts, no amount of excuses or retaliation will turn things around for the better. But simply taking ownership and issuing a real apology can change the course of things for good.

Accountability simply equates to taking ownership for driving a decision, addressing issues and finding resolutions for the recognized problems.

Master your team player skills:
To understand business etiquette, there is no better dynamic than a team. Every team member plays a pivotal role when it comes to achieving goals. Say yes when help is offered and listen well. It is a blessing in disguise that helps benefit from others’ wisdom & makes them happy. A clear win-win situation!
But what happens when you ignite the genius in someone else? You attract people as you become the source of their inspiration & motivation.
Providing hands-on assistance, being open to new perspectives, and dealing with conflicts healthily allows you to stand out amongst your peers. From maintaining healthy relationships to enhancing one’s own learning curve, being a team player does you good.

Network and make connections.
Networking and networking etiquette go hand in hand and for a strong career curve, it is important to master both. In a way, you become a brand that needs to set in and outside of work.

  • Build long-term relationships: Instead of indulging in small talks, spend quality time setting long-lasting impressions through meaningful discussions. People remember strong social connections and not passing faces.

  • Leverage your social demeanour: Let the non-verbal cues speak louder than words. Stay confident and navigate the occasion by spending time with potential employers through conversations of shared interests.

  • Attend various social events: Step out of your comfort zone and attend events with newer faces and profiles. This will help diversify your reach and you will always be on the radar.

  • Remember to stay connected: Make the effort of reaching out through a call, text or email to express how thankful you are for their time and subtly make an offer to meet them again at a suitable time. For a virtual connection, a monthly email is acceptable. Remember, networking has a direct link to success; the stronger the connection, the higher chances of success. It keeps you updated with current trends in the job market and associates with prospective clients.


Workplace values and expectations are determined through trial and error. Despite that, etiquette is everywhere. You should be mindful of the corporate culture you work in and be prepared to accept the changes that may occur. It is all about how you present yourself with coworkers, potential business partners, and customers. To sum up, it is all about treating others with respect and being mindful. The lack of basic business etiquette is bound to limit your potential and jeopardize direct professional relationships that are significant to business growth. Business etiquette is a marathon, not a sprint; slow but steady and it starts with you.


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