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Correlation between business goal achievement and workspaces

September 22, 2022

Who isn’t attracted to fancy office buildings with high-tech facilities and great infrastructure? The answer is NO ONE. There is a reason why the last decade has witnessed a major shift in the importance of how an office is designed. For instance, Google offices have gorgeous spacious zones with slides and the whole world knows about them. Similarly, the benefits of well-functioning workspaces with great perks are no secret to anyone, especially in the post-pandemic era.

According to a report by CMI Workspace, a good, well-designed office space can make employees up to 33% happier and more productive. A managed commercial workspace is basically a tailored workspace solution that is managed and looked after by a third-party operator, hence allowing businesses to focus on core functionalities and improve operational efficiency. This blog helps you to get a strong insight into the correlation between these commercial office spaces and business goal achievement. Let’s start off with the most important ones.

Smart budgeting and elimination of daunting financial planning
When a workspace comes with a fully-fledged financial team, it naturally delivers the most effective budget planning to offer the best services on the list. A smart commercial workplace knows how to manage everything from basic utilities to infrastructure and surcharges in a standard monthly fee, thereby periodically ensuring proper expenses. Commercial workspaces offer perks and services for each and every employee by taking charge of everything from WiFi to snacks and games for employees to indulge in without costing a dime. The budgets are naturally funnelled to handle the financial aspect of your organization as a whole.

Setting remarkable impressions through your place of business
As per a Harvard Business Review report, “well-designed workspaces allow the newer businesses to set positive impressions on prospective clients”. It is a great way to rejig the brand image and create a great experience for the business partners. If your place of business exudes dynamism, positivity, flexibility, and a futuristic approach, it is bound to attract potential clients by placing your business in a great position in the market. The commercial workspaces are located in impressive city-centre buildings that add a sense of professional pride and confidence to your business.

Managing the scalability to maximise your operational efficiency
The main concern for organisations in the post-pandemic setup is business goal achievement mainly due to the major inclination towards remote working. This is paramount primarily from the ambiguity that prevails while drawing a clear distinction between personal and professional responsibilities. However, moving to commercial workspaces that boost your productivity not only yields stronger results but also sets you free from distractions, allowing you to work with undivided attention. This is where well-designed workspaces come into the picture that are meticulously created to cater to a wide range of working styles with top-notch interiors, workstations, and conference rooms that are fit for almost anyone in the business. These workspaces have in-built operational tools that are meant to drive businesses without worrying about design, amenity management, and other utilities. Hence, there is no doubt that a well-spaced workspace with a great organizational culture and operational excellence is linked to organizational goal achievement and productivity.

Customised timing model leads to collective work hour flexibility
A topic that’s been trending lately is whether working from home is better than office spaces. The winner has always been a hybrid model. Instead of struggling with a rigid working routine, coworking spaces or specialized commercial spaces promote a flexible style of working where a business can pick a work schedule that fits best with their company model. This translates to ease in picking when you wish to start and end your workday. Similarly, for smaller businesses or entrepreneurs, a conference hall or few desk spaces for a part of the day with the flexible booking systems offered by the commercial workspaces are exactly the need of the hour.

Handle data security & privacy of space to allow hassle-free work
Managed commercial workspaces keep their A-game on when it comes to the privacy of data and other forms of IT infrastructure. The most up-to-date security tools ensure that business data is protected against any form of malware or threats and managed with utmost confidentiality where only the employees have access to it. These commercial workspaces and coworking spaces also provide a big pool of internet connection service options to their clients in order to ensure complete lucidity and flexibility in the process. Furthermore, the security isn’t just subjected to data, but these workspaces also offer space exclusivity by limiting the access of anyone apart from the company employee. Various techniques such as RFID protection or biometric scanners boost security and are extremely significant in case your business deals with sensitive data of any sort.

Improving productivity through an engaging work environment
Productivity is the heart and soul of any business. Considering work-life balance, a smartly designed working space offers you an abundance of services to keep you fresh and productive. This way you can perform better and leave at flexible hours without hampering the quality of work. When you observe professionals coming together to build something meaningful under one roof, a sense of community develops within you to bring out the best in you. Similarly in a working space, you get an opportunity to learn from others and be a part of organization-wide events ranging from a weekday movie night or a town hall to equip yourself with strong networks. Infrastructure plays a very vital role to work with complete focus and efficiency. Amenities such as WiFi, comfortable working desks and chairs, snack counters, gaming areas, and good quality meals keep you mentally and physically healthy which is directly linked to producing great work at all times.

A whopping 93% of employees in the IT industry claimed to stay longer in organizations that provided healthier workspace perks such as wellness rooms, ergonomic seatings, sit-stands, and healthier choice of meals, states the Workplace Wellness Trend Report by Fellowes. To sum it all up, these simple yet effective techniques are the need of the hour to achieve envisioned business goals. With the advent of workplace culture moving towards a “new normal”, managing an office space with sufficient flexibility offered to work hours for strong work-life equilibria is of utmost importance. A business can witness maximized productivity, desired results, and goals by meeting its vision. With tailored solutions such as effective cost transparency and business dexterity, managed workspaces build a dynamic ever-growing workplace for their employees.



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