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Monsoons: An Investment Opportunity

August 26, 2019

When looking for the right office address, the monsoons make for the perfect time to go scouting. While the properties are put forward as sturdy entities, all year round, the monsoons give perspective on the developments in the area, and gives one a chance to evaluate the pros and cons of not only the building but also the area surrounding it.

Looking at accessibility, the monsoons help one get an idea of how badly the locale is affected during rains. In terms of traffic block and waterlogging, monsoons can also help one decide how much it may affect employees to get to work on time. One can take this opportunity to judge the kind of sewer facilities in the area that are usually set up to prevent water logging on the streets and also judge the availability of convenient public transport.

For those looking at investment opportunities, transit-oriented developments (TOD) are starting to get increasingly popular. TODs are urban developments that are strategically placed around a public transport station. With the TOD, easy availability to public transport can assure convenience for employees, which can prove to be a boon during the bad monsoon weather.

Another reason for monsoons being the perfect time to invest in real estate would be to see how the building reacts to weather conditions. With seepage being an issue, one would want to avoid properties that lack proper waterproofing. This is also a chance for business owners to see if the building has facilities for rainwater harvesting during the rainy season as we have in our Brigade Opus property located in Hebbal, Bangalore. These initiatives can prove to be very beneficial for business owners in the long run, financially. 

With the monsoons showcasing a certain aspect of a property, this is a suitable time for business owners to invest in developments as they are more likely to get a favourable deal.


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