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Reshaping the Indian Corporate Landscape with Managed Workspaces

October 10, 2019

For a long time, corporate workspaces were designed in a style now referred to as ‘traditional workspaces’. These spaces, as the name suggests, were strictly for office purposes and did not offer anything more than basic furniture and restrictive IT infrastructure. Consequently, workspaces have now been undergoing radical changes in the past decade. With the start-up revolution now gaining momentum across the country, there has been an evolution in the corporate work setting. It has led to the evolution of a new concept of workplaces now largely known as the ‘Managed Workspace’. With the feasibility of the plug and play option, that has now been offered to businesses, both small as well as established organizations have started to make the shift from self-owned offices to managed workspaces.

In India, the concept of managed workspaces is fairly new but is rapidly catching the pace. It was predicted that managed workspaces are likely to attract over $1 billion in investment during FY 2019-20. According to a JLL report, the managed workspace share has increased in the top 7 Indian cities, from 5% (2017) to 8% (2018). This moved up further to 12% in 1Q2019.

Catering to the 21st Century Work Life
The new influx of managed workspaces is changing the attitudes of the corporates by providing top-notch, amenity-rich workspaces that extend beyond offerings such as in-house coffee and workstations. Experiences such as networking events, opportunities to collaborate and designs that imbibe a sense of community have pushed the managed workspace scenario to greater fronts. For instance, Brigade has come up with its own hybrid/ managed workspace at Brigade Tech Gardens in Brookefields. The space comes encompassed with a bunch of cool amenities and is located in one of the prime areas in Bangalore.

Tackling Loneliness Through Interaction
Design can play a key role in combating loneliness. A progressive work environment that is flexible and activity-based merely helps enable that. A managed workspace promotes social engagement and enables its tenants to develop personal connections with teams working across the space. This, in turn, strengthens interpersonal relationships at work.

Easy Access & Tenancy
According to a JLL report, one of the key drivers in the surge in demand for managed workspaces, is the plug & play facility, particularly for larger corporations. The ability to avail a space at short notice, avoid complicated negotiations and work practically anywhere, anytime, is a convenient option for many occupiers.

Better Job Control
With easy access, comes better job control. The managed workspace evolution gives its users a choice. The choice to choose where they want to work, be it a quiet space to focus, or a collaborative one where interaction is encouraged. It gives one the flexibility to step out and step back in anytime during the day to ensure that the workflow isn’t disrupted.


A Feeling of community
Connections are a big part of why businesses choose to work out of managed spaces, as opposed to working from home or traditional offices. Every managed space has its own vibe and unique experiences that are curated for its members. Buzzworks at Brigade Tech Gardens, for example, is all about the human element in the workplace. The colours used in the space are bright and give off a cheerful vibe. The facility managers are friendly and ensure a smooth experience for the tenants at the space.

That being said, with businesses now looking to encourage collaboration amongst employees, through exposure to different ideas and ways of working, managed workspaces may be a foolproof way to foster innovation. 


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