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August 1, 2022

Ms. Ushasri Tirumala
Senior Vice President and General Manager

Manhattan associates

The new office at Brigade Tech Gardens is a reflection of our commitment and desire to make the India office a nucleus of innovation for the global Manhattan Associates family.

We moved into our new office in September 2019 and could immediately perceive the positive impact on the organization. In the last two years of being at Brigade Tech Gardens, we have realized that we made the right choice. The operations team at Brigade have always been extremely polite, helpful and sensitive to our needs; even the cafeteria is very well-managed, spacious and promotes a vibrant atmosphere.

The landscaping around the campus, the gardens and the greenery are a treat. Our associates really enjoy using these facilities – the big banyan tree and its surroundings are a resounding hit among the associates. We look forward to the future amenities being planned – the convention center, food court, swimming pool and fitness center. These will add value and drive effective employee engagement for our associates.


Mr. Arvind Keerthi
Resident of Brookefields Layout

Brigade techgardens

While the rest of Bengaluru suffered from flooding during last year’s torrential rains, the Brookefields Layout, adjacent to Brigade Tech Gardens (BTG), was nearly bone dry. This is due to the fantastic work done inside BTG to preserve and widen the Kundalahalli-Thubarahalli kaluve. Thanks to the Group’s efforts, the kaluve today carries a massive discharge, which in the years past would have choked and spilled onto the road and into our houses. I would like to extend my appreciation and thank the team for the excellent work done. Our neighbourhood has changed dramatically. Once again, thank you for collaborating with and supporting us.


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