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August 24, 2021

What does the future hold?
How can the office space remain relevant?
Is this a good time to invest in office spaces?
These are the three comprehensive questions reshaping the workspace amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Future ready workspaces have transformed from mere physical to dynamic spaces. Designed to cope with new ways of working, office spaces across Bangalore leverage technology and its generated data to create a dynamic workplace environment and experience. The focus is on designing user-centric and sustainable office spaces that are facilitators for innovation and talent.

Adopting sustainable and environment friendly practices is imperative. Placing workplace safety, sustainability, and smart technology is at the core of every decision in order to make the workspace pandemic proof. Research shows that safe, clean air and productivity go hand in hand. The number of sick days an employee may take has seen a decrease when working within an office space that provides enhanced indoor air quality. Grade A buildings play a positive role in transforming the workspace to deliver to a healthier workforce.

With vaccination drives in full swing across the city, most companies have begun recalling their employees back to work and the demand for office spaces is steadily rising. This increased demand in turn will raise capital and rental values. In addition, long lease term commitments and property appreciation make commercial real estate a lucrative addition to an investor’s portfolio. While WFH and WFA will continue for a portion of the workforce, demand for office spaces in integrated township developments are on the rise as “Walk-To-Work” and “Work-Play-Live’ are being recognised as the “Future Of Work”.


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