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Bridging the Skills Gap

July 31, 2023

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and an inclusive approach, the Brigade BCIC Skill Development Academy aims to empower India's youth and unlock the nation's demographic dividend. 

India is home to a fifth of the global youth population, yet job opportunities and necessary skills remain scarce. According to the National Sample Survey Organisation, only 2.4% of the Indian workforce has formal skill training, and an additional 8.6% have received non-formal vocational training. This figure needs to increase to capitalize on the demographic dividend that will surge in the next 25 years.

To address this, the Indian Government initiated the Skill India programme in 2015, aimed at empowering both urban and rural youths by improving their employability across industries.

This initiative focuses on boosting individual expertise and productivity. Karnataka, as a knowledge hub with thriving IT, biotech and engineering sectors, is a prime example of the opportunities and challenges present. The state's economy is growing, with the Gross State Domestic Product rising by 6.2% in 2015-16. However, to fully leverage this growth, the state needs to ensure its working population, 55% of which falls in the 20-59 age range, is adequately skilled.

Brigade Insight

In Karnataka, nearly 56% of workers are in agriculture, with the rest spread across manufacturing, mining, shops, trade, construction, and services. The majority work in the unorganised sector, highlighting the need for skill development across a variety of sectors.

Enter the Brigade BCIC Skill Development Academy. Brigade Foundation, as a part of its community commitment, is launching this Academy focusing initially on construction, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors. It has partnered with the Bengaluru Chamber of Industry and Commerce to enhance the livelihood of underprivileged youth.

Sector skills of NSDC are being evaluated for affiliations, and the Academy is accredited with the Construction Skills Development Council of India, with further accreditation from the Karnataka Skill Development Corporation underway.

By 2023-24, the Academy plans to fully operationalise its training activity using its diverse infrastructure across malls, community clubs, and construction sites. It has won a mandate to reskill or upskill 4000 construction workers under the “NIPUN” scheme. A hospitality training centre is set to employ 100 youth in the Hospitality sector, and a retail training centre is being established for differently abled candidates. 


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