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Art Café

May 23, 2019

Art Café is a unique addition to Sheraton Grand Hotel at Brigade Gateway. It is located on the 4th floor, on the sky bridge connecting Sheraton Grand Hotel @ Brigade Gateway and the World Trade Center.

The concept behind the Art Café is to make art more accessible to the masses and millennials. The café seeks to remove the snobbery around art (and sometimes food) by having events to educate people on works of art by Indian talent, talks by the artists themselves, workshops for children, storytelling and movie nights underneath the stars. Art galleries are typically quiet spaces with low footfalls. The Art Café wants to turn this notion around by creating a high energy space where one can sip on a glass of bubbly beverage or catch up with friends over a cup of coffee while snacking on a quiche and listening to hip-hop; all while enjoying high quality art in a space where one can relax and let loose.

The bridge is very symbolic to the space. Apart from literally bridging two very different buildings, office and hotel, it bridges two very different ways people spend their time - business at the office tower and leisure at the hotel. It also bridges food with art.


Sometimes food itself is the art. It also bridges a café - a typically vibrant space with an art gallery - a generally quiet and calm space. Lastly, it bridges a leisure activity for millennials - Gen Z (hanging out with their friends at a café) with a leisure activity typical to Gen X (understanding, appreciating, reviewing and buying art).

On booking, the Art Café can host guided art walks by Priyanka Pal, Art Supervisor at the Art Café. A graduate from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Priyanka believes art is the zeal of her being. She specialised in painting and is a practicing contemporary artist. Priyanka regularly organises workshops and events at the Art Café.


To know more about the workshops, art walks or events at the Art Café, please contact us on 820 016 4092 or email us at artcafeblr@gmail.com



ART CAFÉ ART RESIDENCY: (23 to 45 yrs) With in-resident artist - Karen Santiago - Making Artists feel at home. Art Café Art Residency invites artists to come and make Art Café their own studio.

WEAVE: (Open for all) - An initiation for everyone to create art with our in-resident artist (from Art Café Art Residency). A place where everyone has the freedom to connect and make art!

ART WALKS: (Open for all) (Every Sat-Sun at 5:00 pm) - A guided walkthrough of the ongoing exhibition at Art Café with Priyanka Pal



ART WALKS: (Open for all) (Every Sat-Sun at 5:00 pm) A guided walkthrough of the ongoing exhibition at Art Café with Priyanka Pal.

SUMMER ART WORKSHOPS: Small in size, Big on creativity. Summer art workshops for kids (between 2 to 16 yrs). Celebrating all forms of art like Dance, Painting, Sculpture, Cooking and a lot more!

ART THERAPY / INTERACTIVE ART WORKSHOPS: (18+) Workshops specially designed to evoke your inner artist through simple activities. A place to find yourself!

ART EXHIBITION: (Open for all) A perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional art pieces. 


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