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Building A Women-centric Workplace Is This Simple

March 8, 2019

The society is moving towards time and age where women are a lot more empowered and are seeing themselves in high positions. They are out there making a mark for themselves in the various industries they touch. But there is an underlying issue that is slowly changing, of making workplaces more women-centric.

How do we make workplaces more women-friendly? With Women’s Day just passed we decided to put down some ways to make workplaces more women-centric.

  1. Have Anti-Harrassment Policies In Place
    It is very important for women to feel safe and protected in their own companies. Hence, it is imperative for companies to enforce strict anti-harassment rules which are exercised if anyone finds themselves victim to harassment.
  2. Support Post Marriage and Maternity
    Women often juggle multiple roles at the same time. This often becomes very difficult to manage so a little support from the workplace can ease their chaos and help them work better. Proactive steps like a generous paid maternity leave, child-friendly office space and the option to work from home are a few ways to help women through these transitions.
  3. Keep Facilities Handy
    It is very important for women to feel cared for by their companies. And a few ways to keep that intact would be if certain facilities are handy. Facilities like sanitary napkins in the washroom or a childcare center in the office are ways to help women with their day-to-day lives.
  4. Empower Them With Proper Training
    With the multiple roles, a woman juggles every day it becomes very difficult for her to take time out for a professional course for career enhancement. Companies should support them with access to skill improving classes during work hours to help them grow professionally.
  5. Actively Promote Them
    Some of the most common problems women have are that they are not heard in their workplaces and that their ideas are better received when a man suggests it. So proactively appreciating women for their work and their efforts can make a big difference.

With these few steps and maybe more the society sure is heading towards a time where women are more empowered and appreciated.


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