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Decoding Productivity: Why Good Lighting Is Critical in Any Office

November 1, 2018

Architecture and design in an office space is a major factor that induces productivity and better quality of work.  While organizations constantly work towards providing a healthier lifestyle for their employees by providing them with snacks, discounts on gym memberships and in house fitness centres, it is still important to understand how businesses can go beyond the basics.

It turns out that lighting has a tenfold impact on employees – not just in enhancing productivity but also in their overall wellbeing. Studies show that poor lighting may, in fact, have a detrimental impact on an individual’s abilities and can even contribute to poor mental health and lowered productivity.

Studies have shown that one only uses 20% of their brain and therefore good working conditions can open up potential making appropriate lighting in a workspace a necessity. Effective lighting not only aids in performing work-related tasks but also improves employee alertness, attitude, sleep patterns, and well-being. While the choices may vary from business to business, a well lit office space enhances the brand sense and how an office space is perceived by its occupants.

Architectural design and lighting go hand in hand.  One of the most essential factors to look out for when choosing a well-designed office space is a balance of both artificial lighting and natural light. Research shows that natural light is decidedly better to improve employee morale and stress levels than artificial light. However one cannot avoid using the latter as both serve their own purpose. As a result of this Brigade Group has now started looking at integrating daylight design into buildings.

Implementation of daylight design in a project goes beyond listing components rather it involves having a design approach that integrates decisions about climate, building form, building components etc and to do that without leading to any hazardous effects. Some of Brigade’s projects have been skilfully designed in a manner wherein the offices are lit up with natural light. Some of them include the prestigious World Trade Centres in Bangalore, Kochi and Chennai & Signature Towers at Brigade Golden Triangle that have successfully implemented double and triple glazed glass in their buildings so as to enhance natural lighting & reduce heat within the offices.

In the past - lighting was about making employees feel safer in their offices, but at present businesses have started looking into office spaces with smart lighting. The focus is now on improving employee productivity and well being to drive better business results.  It is only a matter of time before businesses start to make the switch!


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