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DIY home décor ideas for decorating your home this Christmas

December 11, 2018

The vibrant festival of Christmas is often synonymous with love, laughter and liveliness. From setting up a magnificent tree to giving thoughtful presents, it is a festival when families and friends come together for an enormous celebration. Apart from the scrumptious spread and laughter-filled conversations, the one aspect that really amps up the spirit of this festival is impeccable Christmas décor. This holiday season, welcome Santa with these innovative and budget-friendly DIY décor ideas for your home.

Layer it up
Let the festivities begin by incorporating different objects of varying heights in your living room. Unlike traditional décor ideas, this is indeed one of the most innovative techniques, especially for compact spaces. For instance, wooden ladders or cardboard boxes can be used instead of tables to arrange props such as Christmas stockings, Santa bags, letters and toys. Choose from oversized snowflakes, tall candlesticks and garlands made of white flowers and olive branches. The world is your oyster when it comes to the layering technique. From the objects you choose to the location of your home, the possibilities are endless.


Jingle all the way
String up light, airy and cheerful white and red bells across the staircases and balcony railings. These can be easily made with white and red coloured papers. You can also make streamers with shiny Christmas balls and paper bells to make your home look nothing less than the live set of a Christmas musical. When it comes to bell designs, there is no limit to your creativity. You can experiment with a lot of patterns – from checks and to polka dots – to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Also, remember to play with a lot of colours and not stick to the traditional combination of red, green and white in Christmas décor. You can decorate the grills of your windows and even your gate using these colourful ribbons and extend a warm welcome to your guests.


Yellow dining
The dining area is often the busiest and most action-packed space in every home, especially during the cheerful season of Christmas. This time around, take the route less travelled by opting for yellow dining décor. Think citrus fruits, fresh yellow flowers and candles in hues of gold. Opt for soft yellow lighting to create a space that looks like the centerspread of top décor magazine. The yellow décor will be a striking contrast to the traditional red and white interiors, adding an instant zest of energy to your home.


Let there be light
Lights are everything when it comes to Christmas. Decorate your mantel with candlesticks of various sizes and colours. Complement them with easy DIY candle stands, customised as per your preferences. You can also opt for LED candles that look like real candles without any chance of fire hazards. Get your creative juices flowing with hand-made paper lanterns that are lit with LED lights for an instant festive look. You can also bring in an old-world charm by painting your chandelier and wall lights with metallic shades of gold and silver. The raw and rustic look will complement the festive décor and keep the spirit of Christmas alive even after the decorations are taken down!


Go green
Decorate your kitchen and dining room with a wide range of edible fruits and vegetables.  Put on your creative hat and carve out a magnificent Christmas wreath with gorgeous fruits and dehydrated flowers to leave your guests awestruck. You can also incorporate colourful candy, cookies and garlands of popcorn in your wreath. Bring the outdoors inside with vibrant potted plants to complement the iconic Christmas tree. Furthermore, you can opt for climbers and creepers to add a vintage vibe to your heavenly abode.   Colourful glass bottles with pine cuts can be used as candle holders. Instead of using red and white roses, decorate your vases using cream coloured roses, blueberries and cranberries instead. Think out of the box and make your home exude the liveliness of Christmas.


To sum it up, cement and bricks make a house, but family, friends and festivities transform it into a home. Whether it is your first home as a real estate investment or a weekend getaway in the outskirts of a bustling city, find your dream home at the Brigade Group with world-class amenities and top-notch construction. However, the endless years of precious memories in it are complimentary! 


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