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Harmony At Work: How The Music At WTC Bangalore's Lobby Helps Employees

April 16, 2019

Since time immemorial we have known music to affect our mood. The kind of music we listen to determines our mood for that moment. So it is safe to say that music is a very influential tool to keep us focussed or relaxed in different instances. Music has also been used as a tool to communicate emotions and thoughts by humans. Through a certain type of study called neuromusicology, studies have found that music can improve your efficiency, creativity, and happiness in terms of work-related tasks.

There is also a fact that people often find music with lyrics distracting. So it is often recommended to listen to music that is mostly instrumentals. Listening to music influences your body rhythm and hence help people to finish work faster and more efficiently.

Brigade Group identified this fact and took an initiative to help it’s employees’ and tenants’  mind and mood by hiring a Saxophone player at the World Trade Centre lobby on Monday Mornings and Friday evenings. Brigade is known to have been involved in creating a positive workspace environment for its employees and this is just one of those initiatives.

The slots for the musician to play are decided very strategically so that people start the week in a soothed and relaxed way and start their weekend jazz stressfree and happy!

The musician for the job is Roopesh who is well versed with jazz and the classic rock era. One can find him at the WTC lobby on Mondays (8:45 am - 10:45 am) and Fridays (4:45 pm - 6:45 pm) entertaining and helping people get the right boost for the week and unplug for the weekend!

This initiative has been a successful one as people are indulging themselves with his music to remain stress-free and resume work with renewed energy and enthusiasm. It is a safe bet to say that music truly can make a difference. 


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