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How to boost motivation during the holiday season

December 15, 2021

December has become synonymous with the holiday season and it’s hard not to get enthralled by the celebratory spirit. With people excited about Christmas and New Year, it can be tough to manage between celebrations, personal commitments, and end-of-the-year tasks. All these distractions can impact the momentum of work and ultimately productivity.

Here are some ways in which organizations can keep the motivation high during the holiday season.

Allow flexible working hours
The psychological burden of taking care of personal responsibilities can take a toll on workspace productivity. An organization that offers flexible working hours or remote work options can help employees meet their family and social obligations. Such flexibility allows them to manage duties on their own time. The process can be strategized for hassle-free operations by planning, keeping open communication, and maintaining a shared calendar for an uninterrupted workflow.

Prepare the leadership
Leaders play a crucial role in keeping productivity high during festive seasons. They need to maintain a balance between making firm and flexible decisions. This can be inculcated via adequate training to lead teams more effectively, manage unwanted distractions, optimize holiday events, process leave requests fairly, etc.1 Leaders need to initiate open communication about the expectations, KRAs, and their holiday plans to come up with an ideal solution.

Set defined goals
A smart way to instil motivation within the team is to clearly define their expectations. This can be achieved via one-on-one constructive conversations to focus on areas of improvement and tactical ways to achieve goals. Leaders should communicate individual objectives for the upcoming year and show them the bigger picture. When people apprehend their significance in the company’s growth, they are spontaneously incited with ownership which will consequently reflect in their work.

Create a festive environment
Since employees eagerly await the celebrations, why not make it a part of their work? Companies can recreate a festive atmosphere to uplift morale and add a buoyant vibe. Breaking the usual office environment to integrate a decorative and festive ambience will add a breath of fresh air, activating employees’ creativity and boosting productivity. They can decorate their desks, include holiday-themed dress codes, and more such activities to bring in the convivial mood while working to meet their goals.

Organizations need to find a perfect balance between work and celebrations. People should neither be compelled to work overtime nor should the festive spirit be curbed to get the job accomplished. Companies need to find ways to accommodate the two, based on work culture and values.


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