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Millennials As a Workforce: Choices and Preferences

November 13, 2018

Image Source: Pexels


While there are numerous workforce dynamics that impact businesses, understanding the preferences of young professionals with respect to the workspace can help organizations acquire an edge in todays talent war. According to Deloitte’s Seventh Annual Millennial Survey 80 percent of millennials feel business success should be measured by more than just financial performance.

Companies may want to work towards their workplace culture, design and practices as it can have a tremendous impact on the behavior of their employees and propel a sense of loyalty and happiness. As the preferences of Gen Z continue to shift abrasively, business owners need to start being more proactive while re-enforcing their design and talent strategies. Here are a few features to look for in your ideal office space while attracting and retaining young talent –


Office Campuses
We’ve all heard of collaborative and open spaces, but the what’s never talked about are the office spaces that integrate office campuses and meet the everchanging demands of young professionals. Young professionals usually feel lost during their transition from university to a corporate environment. Office campuses bring about a feeling of familiarity and enhance their experience. Moreover, they also meet multiple needs – With their outdoor seating areas, amphitheaters, integrated food courts etc. that add to the package.


Value Added Amenities
Millennials generally work long hours making it difficult for them to find balance after working hours. Thus, it makes sense to look for an office that seamlessly integrates work-life to enhance employee experience. Look for offices that come equipped with fitness centers, mall and recreational centers and cafes surrounding the premises. This office type is one that is sure to impress the generation that’s on the go!


Tech Forward and Sustainable Workspaces
Implementing a seamless mix of technology and nature can aid one to a large extent while devising a workspace strategy that caters to the millennial culture. Millennials want businesses to focus more on people rather than their office structure. Integrating tech and nature will aid in creating a productive and eco-friendly atmosphere.

Today’s workforce is more socially conscious than previous generations. In order to maintain that competitive edge and enhance loyalty amongst young professionals, businesses need to start incorporating these design strategies or look out for office spaces that prioritize people. Because ultimately satisfied employees form the backbone of a successful business!


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