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More than 850 participate in Second Edition of the “WTC Skyscraper Dash” at the World Trade Center

August 31, 2015

Brigade Group hosts India’s only vertical run at the World Trade Center

Large numbers gathered at the World Trade Center at the Brigade Gateway on August 9 for the second edition of the WTC Skyscraper Dash, a vertical run that credits its debut in India to the Brigade Group. Over 850 participants took part in the competition this year organized by Sport 365.

The participants had to run around the Brigade Campus covering a distance of 2 km and then run up the 850 stairs all the way to the High Ultra Lounge situated on the 31st floor of the building where the finish line was placed.

wtc skyscraper dash logo

The main attraction of the WTC Skyscraper Dash was that there were many kids running along with their parents. Two parents even managed to carry their one-year -old toddlers and finish the dash.

The Everest Challenge, a sub-event within the WTC Skyscraper Dash was one that caught the attention of several marathon enthusiasts in the city. Participants had to run up the 850 steps of the World Trade Center (31 floors), a total of 70 times to equal the height of Mount Everest (8,848 mts). What made this an excellent variation to participate in was that it could be entered in as a group event. Participants could get together in groups of 10 and split the run up between all of them to earn the necessary rankings to complete the race.

The Everest Challenge was won by Jagmohan and team of Reebok Running Squad who secured medals as well as a cash prize. They finished the challenge in 3 hours.

All participants received timing certificates and the top male and female participants received mementos and a host of other prizes.

wtc skyscraper dashDr. Bose Nair, VP - WTC Bangalore, presenting the trophy to the Reebok Running Squad, the winners of the Everest Challenge


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