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August 1, 2022

Brigade Parkside North has been designed to take advantage of a narrow and linear site by creating an ambience derived from the streetscape of a traditional Indian city.

The shaded streets, rich landscapes and a myriad of activities enliven the street and make it an active community and social space. Each block is entered through double-height lobbies that tie back to the street and create a lively circulation experience.

A multipurpose hall, gymnasium, common dining facilities, swimming pool, indoor games, children’s play area and amphitheater are strung along the expanse of the development and open out onto the street, creating a rich streetscape experience. Like the traditional city, units also span across the street at strategic locations, creating a variegated pattern of light and shade.

Prem Chandavarkar

To create a low-density development, each tower is designed as a G+4 structure with a mix of 1 and 2-BHK, senior-friendly and regular apartments. The compact and efficient units have living and dining areas planned to take advantage of balconies and the central street, making the units spacious and less compartmentalized. To facilitate universal access, gradient variations across the project are minimized and ramp access allows unhindered movement.

Furthermore, the senior-friendly units offer wide, sliding doors to bedrooms and toilets to facilitate easy access while using movement aids. Strengthening the idea of a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood, vehicular movement is restricted to one side of the site and the amenities opening out onto the central street, create a social glue that makes Brigade Parkside North much more than an efficient conglomeration of apartments: it is a community in the full sense of the term. For everyone seeking a stress-free, socially invigorating lifestyle, this is the place to be.

- Prem Chandavarkar
Managing Partner
CnT Architects


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