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The Walk To Work Evolution: Mixed-Use Offices On The Rise

May 17, 2019

Office spaces in the current scenario have undergone a major transformation in the past decade. From traditional office spaces, we are now looking at mixed-use commercial developments.  To put it in simple terms, mixed-use development is a type of urban development strategy that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses all in one. This type of development has now started emerging as a prominent feature of fast-paced urban living and Bangalore is leading the way. With its transformation in the last decade, from being a pensioners paradise to now a leading IT hub for companies, this city is gearing up to meet the needs of young high spenders who will push the envelope for a better lifestyle.

The Mixed-use Advantage:
Urban working professionals often complain that the traffic is nightmarish, the commute is too long, maintaining the quintessential ‘work-life balance’ is getting more difficult by the hour!

It is now when developers come forward and introduce certain developments like Brigade Golden Triangle, Brigade Gateway and The Arcade at Brigade Meadows that not only include residential but also retail and office spaces in the same vicinity.  This, in turn, aids employees to not only cut down on the unnecessary commute but work within a holistic office ecosystem.

Signature Towers at Brigade Golden Triangle, in particular, is the perfect example of integrated office development by Brigade Group. Brigade Golden Triangle, houses a residential complex, Orion OMR mall, Holiday Inn Express and Suites, and the Signature Tower commercial space. This has been designed particularly to help employees create a healthy work-life balance. Employees can now indulge in some theatre with their colleagues, shopping with the family or just a leisurely alone time. With the residential spaces close to the office, it has not only become more convenient to travel to work but also promotes a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Living close to the office encourages employees to avoid traffic and walk to work, helping them stay punctual. The daily exercise also gives them a quick dose of endorphins that helps elevate their moods and enhance productivity at work.

The mix of experiences:
With these developments on the rise, developing authorities are bringing together the community. Right from Millennials to Baby Boomers, everyone wants a taste of the urban living experience. A 2016 report by CBRE stated that majority of millennials are now looking for offices that offer such perks as it helps them unwind and get work done together. This report also stated that - 71% of the millennials were willing to give up other benefits for a better office environment. Such office spaces work as a motivation for employees to work better and enjoy the luxuries within their office vicinity. Adding to this, research experts have also claimed that the elements of a mixed-use office development have subsequently increased employee retention since the last decade.

This mix of residents and tourists helps keep the area vibrant and modern. But these developments are not just for the malls and activities. The whole point of it is to aid accessibility. Hence, these establishments are set up near public transit.

Integrated office developments offer more than just office spaces. Be it spending quality time with friends, family or colleagues, these developments are the new way of including the ‘live-work-play’ culture.


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