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Workplace Design: The Key to Retain Talent

November 13, 2018

Image Source: Pexels


One size doesn’t fit all and unfortunately, when it comes to office design, that is the reality of businesses. The ideal workspace can vary from business to business and a study conducted by SAPIO Research concluded that 48% said design would significantly influence their decision to stay with a company.

With talent growing and getting harder to acquire, investing in a workplace that attracts and retains your workforce makes for a crucial decision and should be viewed as a long-term investment. Here are the two key factors that should be taken into consideration –


The workspace environment should be one which eliminates barriers that would prevent people from working up to their full potential. To become an all-inclusive workspace, one should look at accessibility in terms of technology and physical structure. The ideal workspace should include parking lots, stairwells, functional lifts, common spaces and restrooms that choose to enhance employee experience. Seconding that, a workplace that allows their employees to shop or eat around their office with an adequate number of options to choose from is one that would add a certain appeal to the purpose of why an employee should choose to stay with the company.


Components Within the Workspace
The physical appearance of a workspace has been known to impact the perception of its occupants and also aid in employee retention. Two ways to enhance employee satisfaction are through the integration of color or art and the incorporation of natural elements within an office space.

While color directly impacts the mood of an employee, nature helps in boosting employee’s morale and productivity. Natural designs within the office include the use of indoor plants, biophilic walls, terrace gardens, increased daylight and natural looking design schemes. The direct connection to nature provides numerous benefits for the employees such as improved temperature levels, reduced stress, improved emotional well-being and better learning.

While looking for the right space for employees or coworkers do keep in mind these key factors as they continuously contribute towards employee retention which is the essence of any successful business or organization.


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