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Ways To Honour Earth Day All Year Long

May 19, 2022

Earth is our one true home, protecting it is our collective responsibility. So, every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day by raising awareness about ways we can protect our beautiful planet and make it better for generations to come. While global organisations, across industries, are actively initiating changes to reduce, reuse and recycle resources and bring down our carbon footprint, there are several ways you can make a difference all year long, starting with your home or even your office space.

Below you can discover ideas to celebrate Earth Day at home and work.

1. Give Your Car a Break

While commuting to work or running errands, leave your car at home a few times a week. You can walk, ride a bike, carpool or use public transportation instead. This ensures saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and getting more exercise. The next best way to avoid emissions is to choose an electric vehicle for your commute. Electric cars significantly lower the burden on diminishing fuel and atmospheric emissions. Companies like Brigade Group consider the rising need for EVs and offer several electrical charging ports for cars to promote sustainable living.

2. Take the Extra Step

Segregate your household waste into dry and wet—right in your kitchen. Fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags and leftover food are wet waste while paper, plastic and packaging are dry waste. Additionally, one of the ways to celebrate Earth Day at home is to compost your food leftovers in a small kitchen bin. You can make the composting container yourself or buy one. This way, you can convert your daily dustbin contents into rich, organic manure and grow flowers, vegetables or plants in your home.

3. Eliminate Energy Wastage:

Our home is our haven. But if we’re not mindful of how much energy we utilise to keep it running, its consequences may not be safe for the earth. So, make the switch. Use energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED lights which are powerful yet cost-effective. Check for electronics and chargers that can be unplugged, and computers that can be completely shut off. These small adjustments are a big step toward living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

4. Go With Natural Decor

The best way to go green is to decorate your living spaces with plants! Not only will they help to produce fresher, cleaner air for your house or office space, but they will also add an instant natural appeal. So, take the green initiative and ask everyone in your office to revamp their desks or homes with natural decor to preserve our environment.

5. Raise Awareness Among Peers

Many committees, groups and NGOs are actively working toward ringing the caution bell and finding sustainable alternatives to make the earth healthy again. You too can partake in such initiatives and encourage your colleagues to opt for sustainable lifestyle choices.

The significance of Earth Day is far greater than one-day activities and safeguarding the planet isn’t a sprint but a marathon. By investing in an environment-friendly lifestyle, you can reflect your dedication to making the world a better, healthier place for future generations. And with a tiny shift in habits, you too can celebrate Earth Day at home or at the office every day. With green thinking at the core, Brigade Group is creating sustainable homes and communities. From adopting climate-sensitive energy to managing water and waste efficiently, Brigade Group’s environment-friendly initiatives are a testament to their vision of a greener tomorrow.


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