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July 31, 2023

The Biggest Sustainable Local Brewery in Bengaluru

We Neighborhood

We:Neighborhood is revolutionizing the local bar experience with its sustainable practices. This innovative establishment operates entirely on solar power, showcasing a commitment to eco-consciousness. In addition to its renewable energy sources, We:Neighborhood strives to minimize food waste and source greens locally. With its second outlet now open in the prime location of Orion Avenue Mall in Banaswadi, Bengaluru, the brewery aims to expand its reach and further promote a sustainable dining experience. Patrons can now enjoy delicious craft beers and delectable cuisine in a vibrant atmosphere, knowing they are supporting a business that prioritizes environmental responsibility.


How is it a "Sustainable Brewery"?

  • Uses energy-efficient equipment
  • Uses brewery waste as cattle feed
  • Avoids single-use plastics
  • Lays emphasis on local produce & minimal food wastage
  • Sources high-quality veggies from reliable farmers
  • Uses rainwater harvesting & sewage treatment plant for water recycling & gardening
  • Uses solar energy to power the restaurant, reducing 219 tons of CO2 yearly (equivalent to planting 11,973 trees and saving 88.67 tons of coal)
  • Avoids using preservatives, colors, taste makers in the food

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