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Clay murals at Brigade Gardens
by Yusuf Arakkal

Yusuf Arakkal, Since 1975, the media of Murals, Sculptures, Graphics, oil and water colours soared to greater heights in the gifted hands of Yusuf Arakkal — an alumnus of Chitrakala Parishat, College of Fine Arts, who went on to achieve fame as an eminent artist of India. His works have been acknowledged and accoladed worldwide.

Matte Ceramic mural at Brigade Hillview
by Kiran Mallapur

Kiran Mallapur, An integral member of Akar, a group of skilled artisans involved in the aesthetic treatment of building facades, Kiran Mallapur has worked alchemy with matte ceramic to create the bird motif at Brigade Hillview. The earth tones of brown, rust and orange reflect warmth in the onlookers' eyes.

Wood mural at Brigade Rathna
by M.S. Murthy

M.S. Murthy,Spontaneously inspired by visually crude folklore art forms is M.S. Murthy. Unbound by any doctrines and principles, expression and thought are set free in his creations. The final expressions in wood are extensions of cherished images from his memory album.

Metal work murals at Briage Regency
by Balan Nambiar

Balan Nambiar,Infusing life by rendering shape to crude metal since 1966 is Balan Nambiar—a pre-eminent sculptor of India renowned worldwide for his sculpted life forms. His creations adorn edifices like the Government Museum of India and various other landmark buildings in India.

Shrushti-The Creator" mural at Brigade Palace
by Gurudas Shenoy

Gurudas Shenoy, Fusing tradition and modernism to produce murals is Gurudas Shenoy. His unique combinative skills fuse ceramic and terracotta with fibreglass to capture Ganesha in the festive spirit of Dollukunitha and Navilukunitha—both folk dances of Karnataka.

Shrushti is a tribute to the supreme creater in terracotta, oxidised copper and brass. Gurudas Shenoy expresses reverence by depicting creation using symbolic life forms of the sun, the elements, man, woman and the continuum of life energy.

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