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Photographs by C. Rajagopal

Rajagopal's world of magical realism - C. Rajagopal

Pictorial Photographer
Hon. FRPS, Hon. FPSA, Hon. PSA, Hon. EFIAP,

The following excerpts from a long list of honours attest to Rajagopal's pre-eminent status in international photographic circles:

  • Hon. Fellow, Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain—1989 (the only one in India)
  • Maître de Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique—1981 (second photographer in the world and the first in India to receive this honour from the UNESCO body. He is also its Continental Representative for Asia.)
  • Hon. Fellow, the Photographic Society of America—1992 (one of the six in the world, the only one in India)
  • 5-Star Award from the Photographic Society of America—1994 (the first in India)
  • Doscher Award, the Photographic Society of America—1995, for outstanding contributions to classical photography (the first non-American)
  • 5-Star Plus—Proficiency, Photographic Society of America—1997
  • Hon. Fellow, Photographic Salon Group, Pakistan—1995
  • Hon. Fellow, Photographic Art Society of Sri Lanka—1977
  • Karnataka Rajyotsava Prashasti—1986
  • Karnataka State Lalit Kala Academy Award—1994

Rajagopal started taking photographs in 1947, and in the same year he became a member of the legendary Mysore Photographic Society. Under the leadership of Dr G. Thomas, this society established Bangalore as the fountainhead of Indian photography. T. N. A. Perumal, B. Kesar Singh, T. Kashinath, B. S. Sundaram, E. Hanumantha Rao are the other important talents nurtured in their formative years by the society.

Rajagopal specialises in landscape and pictorial photography. For over 50 years, he has created works of art in the black and white medium. His is the ultimate benchmark in the art of composition and in freezing the decisive moment.

Most of Rajagopal's subjects are pastoral, scenic, and simple—rural scenes, landscapes, people, portraits. All his work is informed by deep artistic sensitivity.


Magadi road, 1959


Sunrise at Ulsoor lake, 1951


Basavanagudi (Bull Temple), 1968


Lalbagh, 1948


Kempegowda Tower, Mekhri Circle, 1957


Near IIM, Bannerghatta road, 1975

Experience captivating moments through the lens of C. Rajagopal's photographs. Discover a world of visual storytelling.
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