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Terms & Conditions

  • This program is applicable for individuals who are existing owners of Brigade properties i.e. the Referrer/Source should have purchased at least one Brigade property and must be existing in Brigade Group's records
  • For successful referrals, existing customers of Brigade Group are eligible for up to 1% of the Agreement Value of the booked property
  • The Referred customer should not be an existing Brigade customer OR engaged in a purchase discussion with a Brigade executive in the last 90 days
  • Date of walk-in/site visit should not be the same for the Referrer & the Referred
  • Bookings through channel partners (and their employees), employees & associates of Brigade Group are not eligible to participate in this referral program (separate referral program exists for employees & associates of Brigade Group)
  • The referral bonus will be paid within 45 working days after the Referred customer signs the agreement and pays at least 20% of the Agreement value of the purchased unit
  • In case of multiple bookings by the Referred customer, if the 1st booking involves multiple units, the Referrer/Source will be eligible for bonus on all the units booked only if the residences are booked in different primary/secondary applicant names. For subsequent bookings by the same customer, no referral bonus will be applicable, though the customer gets a 1% Loyalty Bonus on his/her repeat booking
  • The Referral bonus will be paid after deduction of applicable taxes
  • Referral offer & rewards cannot be replaced partially/fully with any other offer and/or discount
  • In case of cancellation of the residence/s either by Referred customer, Brigade Group will not be liable for any distribution of any rewards
  • In case of any conflict by either parties, the decision of Brigade Group will be final
  • Brigade Group reserves the rights to include, modify and/or remove projects in the referral program and the referral program itself without any prior notice
Terms & Conditions program is applicable for individuals who are existing owners of Brigade properties that is referrers sources at least purchase brigade property and existing in records.
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