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Preserving Nature: The Age Old Banyan Tree at Brigade Tech Gardens

April 25, 2019

Earth Day, a day to celebrate nature is just around the corner and corporates are bringing their A-game. The stress on conserving “natural capital” is now a key discussion organizations are having. By natural capital we mean, the air, water, land and living organisms that provide the goods and services critical for supporting all life. The world is already seeing the dire effects of global warming which can be linked to the rapidly growing urbanization. Corporates, like the Brigade Group,  are now taking proactive measures to adopt more green spaces like the Brigade Tech Garden and give back to nature and conserve it.

One notable example by Brigade Group would be the 100+-year-old Banyan tree that has been a part of the Brigade Tech Garden since inception and is seen as a symbol of wellness and sustainability in a natural environment to encourage creativity and collaboration. Even though it was rooted in the plot where Brigade Tech Gardens is to be built, they chose not to cut it and let it thrive and be part of the Green campus. Of course, Brigade has been involved in protecting trees much before the talks of the upcoming Brigade Tech Gardens. As part of their 30th-anniversary, on Earth Day in 2017, Brigade pledged to plant and retain 30,000 trees and contribute in their own way towards nature. Being a conscious and responsible developer, they have chosen this route & constantly strive towards delivering positive experiences without depleting the earth of our natural resource or taking necessary steps to protect them. Due to which the banyan tree at Brigade Tech Gardens, still stands tall and adds to the vibrancy factor at the upcoming office campus in Whitefield.

The said Banyan Tree has been envisioned to be quite the iconic spot for employees on the campus in the future. This tree is more than just a resource to provide shade and oxygen to the campus. It is imagined to be a hot spot for people to enjoy breaks and indulge in collaborative discussions when Brigade Tech Gardens opens its doors for modern businesses.

There has been innumerable research that shows how nature at the workplace can contribute to reducing stress and increased creativity. Having a substantial amount of greenery in the workplace has proven to be beneficial as it makes the atmosphere cooler and works towards helping employees feel free and refreshed.

That said, workplace or not, everyone should come forward to do their bits to preserve trees at work and in their neighborhood and also make a point to plant more trees every year.


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