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Why invest in real estate at a young age
September 23, 2022
As India celebrates her 76th year of independence, there is another kind of independence that the...
Correlation between business goal achievement and workspaces
September 22, 2022
Who isn’t attracted to fancy office buildings with high-tech facilities and great infrastructure?
Office Space In Bangalore: How To Find The Best Amenities And Deals
September 19, 2022
Want to know about the office space in bangalore amenities and deals? Workspaces by Brigade Group...
Green Office Ideas: How To Set Up A Green Office Space In Bangalore?
September 19, 2022
According to a 2015 Harvard study, 'Green offices encourage cognitive thinking, employee well-being,
What is hampering employee productivity in a post-pandemic setup?
September 16, 2022
While the employees were super driven to outperform their competitors in a work-from-home setup
Perks of Investing in Under-construction Projects in Chennai
August 29, 2022
India's real estate sector is expected to touch a US$ 1 trillion market size by 2030.1...
Perks to attract employees to a “new-normal” workspace
August 22, 2022
Organisations have repeatedly shown how employees turn out to be the most valuable assets when provided with...
Workspace concepts that are becoming trendsetters in 2022
August 17, 2022
The definition of work-life balance has been reevaluated in the last two years. Stemming from deep-rooted...
Why are Efficient Work Spaces Important for a Business
August 12, 2022
An efficient workspace starts with a well-defined company culture.
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