Building Community Vibrancy in the Workplace: Does it Matter?


Building Community Vibrancy in the Workplace: Does it Matter?

October 10, 2019

When it comes to having a healthy office culture, employers must take steps beyond well-decorated offices and create a sense of community and vibrancy in the workplace. While financial benefits, a great functional workspace and a well-decorated office, work towards employee attraction. Having events and office activities at the office plays a very crucial hand in employee retention.

What is community vibrancy?
Community vibrancy is the art of bringing communities together in a thriving corporate landscape to ensure a sense of belonging amongst employees. According to various studies, doing so would help reduce monotony, work-induced stress and employee attrition rates. 

Why is it so important?
Having happy employees automatically means better productivity and a positive atmosphere at work. Effective co-operation and a sense of appreciation for each other’s communities and beliefs will lead to effective teamwork, collaboration, and innovation.

While there are various ways organizations can achieve it, here are a few ways Brigade has adopted to ensure community vibrancy across our commercial developments:

Off-Beat Events
Recently, Geist partnered with WTC at Brigade Gateway for an event titled ‘The Beer Garden’. This was a great opportunity for the employees of WTC to take a much-needed break from their busy schedules and enjoy six varieties of global craft beer styles, shop from different flea market stalls, dine at specially curated restaurants and play fun games. In addition to this, the event had a lively music band to entertain the crowd. 

Off-beat events like these, held at the workplace, could aid in promoting a vibrant culture and breaking the monotony.

Festive Celebrations
With different communities coming together in the workplace, celebrating them during festivals would make a positive difference. Introducing small gestures or even a post-work celebration can help the employees come together to experience different cultures and evoke a sense of community amongst them. At Brigade, festivals such as Onam and Dussehra were celebrated in full swing, wherein the employees came together for a Pookalam and Rangoli competition respectively. This initiative was largely enjoyed by the dynamic workforce at our spaces. 

Such activities could propel team spirit, collaboration and also make work all the more fun.


Monday’s Could Never Get Better
Studies show that employee morale is the lowest on a Monday morning. Brigade largely believes in creating positive experiences for its tenants and as a result of this, we decided to surprise the employees of WTC, by getting a musician to play the saxophone at the atrium every Monday & Friday. Once the tenants enter the space, they are greeted with the soothing tunes to refresh their minds and help them kick start the week on a fresh note.

With such initiatives, organizations sure have a cut-out plan towards community vibrancy and employee retention in the long run.

We at Brigade Group have always looked out for any such opportunity to treat our employees and go the extra mile to create memorable experiences for our tenants.


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