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6 Ways to Transform your Empty Office Space to Make a Profit

February 5, 2024

The workspace has seen a substantial shift in traditional work culture. The workspace has changed from everyday office to hybrid, from traditional meetings to online meeting rooms. Traditionally, offices were full of people, infrastructure, gossip, and more; now, it's all empty office space. With open space, offices are adding cost to the company. As a company, there are high chances you can't sell your office space or need office space for some reason. In such cases, leaving the office empty is a loss-making deal. You need to find ways to make a profit with your space. So, here is the guide to check out for your requirements:

Your top ways to transform your space

There are some effective ways for empty office space to make a profit; let's find out:

  • Rent the space out: First, you can rent your space to earn a regular income. This way, you will have additional income flow and more value for your space. Moreover, it will keep your space working in some way. Renting out a space will give you regular income and is one of the easy ways to keep your space occupied. If you own your office space, renting is the best approach.

  • Professional development and training: You can use your office space to upgrade your employees and company. If you have a work-from-home policy, you can use office space for professional development and training. Organize space for upgrading your professional space. You can organize events like training for employees, important meetings, employee collaboration events, networking events, dinners, etc. if you are renting a space and want to stay in the office. 

  • Incorporating wellness initiatives: Create your empty office space into your employees' well-being space. Your employee well-being is critically important. So, you can transform your space into a wellness space with initiatives such as installing showers in your office, cycling, a play area, an eating space, and many more. You can invite yoga experts or any wellness expert to help you with wellness initiatives for your space.

  • Hot desking: Developing a hot desking system for your hybrid culture can enhance networking and team collaborations. Moreover, it will give flexibility to your employees and make them feel comfortable. Hot desking means making an open workspace where no desk is specifically assigned to an employee. Any employee can work in any space wherever they feel comfortable.

  • Make it recreational: Make your office space a recreational area for your employees or open doors for all to network. Organize or bring recreational infrastructure and convert your space where corporate employees can network. You can make commercial office space to take advantage of space.

  • Pop-Up Playground: You can organize a pop-up playground that stays for 2 to 3 hours or more, depending on the activities you are organizing. Whether for your employees and their networking or your employees and families, it will help make pop-up playgrounds.


These are some of the top 6 ways to transform your empty office space to make a profit. Usually, when you keep your office space empty, it is a waste of office resources. You can make it more effective and useful instead of emptying your space. It will bring additional income and add value to your company. Brigade Group can provide you with top office spaces that you can utilize for your hybrid work approach and other ways to make profits.


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