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August 27, 2018

Ever since the invention of reinforced concrete in 1849 by Joseph Monier, structural engineers, architects and civil constructors have always strived to improve quality, reduce construction time and of course the cost of construction too. Precast concrete is one such smart way of building that has witnessed mammoth evolution from the time it was first introduced. With lower lifetime costs and structural maintenance compared to any other building solution, today, almost every builder prefers this technology as against the conventional way of construction.


Precast Construction Technology is one of the key technology advancements in the real estate sector. It ensures high-quality buildings in relatively quick turnaround time. This especially at a time when there is a need for faster execution in various infrastructure projects.

Precast concrete construction is the preferred mode of construction in developed economies worldwide, be it the US, Europe, the Middle East or Singapore because of its efficient resource planning, less pollution and degree of automation.

There is huge potential for housing requirement in India. Due to decline in availability of skilled labour, civil engineers and poor, delayed construction, there is demand for RELIABLE, QUALITY & ON TIME construction at a reasonable price. Precast concrete construction can alone answer these problems at the moment.


In the last couple of decades, the use of precast technology has been introduced to replace structural steel too. Basically, everything from floors, walls, foundations are precast in a factory and are transported to a construction site and are ready to install. Research has it that it saves up to 20% of the total construction time as compared to conventional construction methods.

The raw materials used in precast concrete construction are inorganic, natural and recycled resources, thus reducing carbon footprints. Factory-controlled prefabrication environment and elimination of modification ensure high quality while uniformity and symmetry of various structural units can also be achieved. Precast concrete products are resistant to friction, impact, acid attack, corrosion, abrasion and other environmental factors. Structures built using this technology have longer service life and require minimal repair and maintenance. High structural strength and increased durability have been the driving force for the increased demand for this efficient building technology.

At Brigade, we have always been at the forefront of innovation while creating benchmarks and adapting industrial best practices. Prioritising on speed and quality and eco-friendly construction, we are the first real estate developer to introduce this technology in Bengaluru. Brigade’s one of a kind facility at one of its flagship projects in Devanahalli like Brigade Oasis is fully equipped with imported technology from Italy, Germany and Singapore, and are manned by a team of experts who have extensive experience in the Precast Industry in India and the Middle East. This technology which has been proven worldwide will enable Brigade to optimise the use of resources such as labour, material and other auxiliary works to shorten timelines and cuts costs that will ultimately mean monetary savings to consumers.

Discover the exceptional offerings from Brigade Group, including Brigade Calista for a vibrant downtown living experience and excellent connectivity, and Brigade Valencia, offering a relaxed yet spontaneous living experience.


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