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Utopia Experience Centre - A first-of-its-kind innovation that makes customer experience both interactive and immersive

August 30, 2021

Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, is a mixed-use development positioned as a smart community with an extraordinary, adaptable and authentic ecosystem designed for the future. In line with our marketing strategy and as a sales aid that specifically showcases the sustainable / green highlights of this project, we created a unique ‘Interactive Wall Display’, subdividing the wall into the key specific areas of interest that personify and give life, as well as meaning, to the standout features of the development. This interactive touch wall visually shows an amalgamation of mobility, an integrated lifestyle and the sustainable components that a smart community living here can truly experience.

Brigade Utopia

This wall is a visual representation of graphics, and upon gesturing (keeping in mind contactless requirements) in front of a specific printed graphic, a projected mapped animation comes to life. This is the first time in Bengaluru, that such an immersive innovation has been attempted and executed.


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