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In a world where we can make anything, we make room

August 1, 2022

We released a new corporate film that aims to capture our momentous journey from a single vertical focused real estate company to a multifaceted corporate business brand. It tells the powerful story of how we, while excelling as developers, also go beyond the commercial entity to be a value driven company, as a brand that is ethical and empathetic.

“This has been one of the most exciting projects our team has worked on. The film aims to capture the adjectives that best describe Brigade: Bold, Striking, Inspiring. Our focus was to inject every visual with the power to tell a story of its origins and its future, a narrative that spoke of the grit and passion of the people behind the name. We worked as closely as possible to the central theme of the film, ‘In a world where we can make anything, we make room’. Through this film we have aimed to communicate that for the extraordinary, you have got to make room.”

- Ambika Ganapathy
ShotReady Productions


“For the Brigade Group, we worked on a creative idea 'We Make Room' that captures the core values and purpose of the umbrella brand. A sustainable township makes room for a better future for the planet, a school with a higher ethos makes room for a child’s true potential, a workplace that prioritises diversity makes room for everyone, a well-thought-out mixed-use space makes room for healthy work-life balance, and empathetic employee programmes make room for the growth for all.

So, over the last 35 years, Brigade has not just been making buildings, they have been making room to match the dreams, imaginations, ambitions across generations. We captured this in a corporate film almost as a manifesto, using a series of montages with powerful audio, that elaborates on where and how ‘we make room. ”

- Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar
Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Contract Advertising India

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We Make Room’ won the Idea Video/TVC Campaign of the Year at the Realty+ Indian Digital Excellence Awards 2022.


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