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Sustainable technology and development

August 30, 2021

It’s always a moment of pride when our buildings are crowned with the highest accolades for sustainable practices. While sustainable development goes hand-in-hand with our core values of being Socially Responsible – it also helps in the business aspect of creating superior products that are easier to sell / lease.

Brigade has more than 20 buildings that are Platinum or Gold certified buildings by LEED / IGBC. This showcases our commitment to developing projects in a sustainable manner. Post the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, a lot more importance is being given to ‘wellness’ from an employee / customer standpoint. Employers, especially MNCs, desire to have offices where sustainable and environment-friendly practices can be adopted. Employee well-being is a big focus now.

With this in mind, we are in the process of creating a ‘sustainability’ focused platform within our start-up portfolio at the Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program (Brigade REAP). Currently, about 25% of the 49 start-ups mentored in the program are in the sustainability space. Some of them are:

While development cannot be stopped, the least we can do is to build sustainably and responsibly give back to Mother Earth, who keeps on giving to us.

“ Post the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, a lot more importance is being given to ‘wellness’ from an employee / customer standpoint. ”

  • WEGOT – Has saved over 3+ billion litres of water using their patented sensors and effective water monitoring system
  • Clairco – Has provided clean air indoors through special air filters in over 1.5+ million sq.ft. of commercial space
  • Synconext – Has saved 14.43 million kWh of electricity through reduced consumption by way of sensor-based utilisation
  • Smarter Dharma – Has created the world’s first Sustainability Resource Platform (SRP) to enable real estate developers to design zero discharge and zero carbon footprint buildings
  • Eco STP – Cleans sewage water and polluted lakes without using electricity or chemicals. 92 million litres of water has been treated and 150MW of power has been saved
  • LivSafe – Has protected 3 million sq.ft. of space from cell phone tower radiation using patented technology
  • Birds Eye Energy – Uses patented composite solar panels to generate electricity and to heat water
  • Angirus and Strawcture – Uses eco-friendly technology to make building materials from 100% waste materials for the affordable housing industry
  • Vision Earthcare – Is focused on wastewater rejuvenation

Executive Director, Brigade Group


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