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Green Bengaluru Initiatives

October 9, 2020

30,000 Trees for a Greener Bengaluru

To plant a tree is to birth new life. On the momentous occasion of our 30th Anniversary in 2017, we at Brigade embarked on a mission to plant 30,000 trees in and around our residential and commercial communities. We would not have reached this important milestone without the support of our customers and their families, well-wishers, employees and volunteers.

Every tree that was planted was dedicated to someone in the Brigade family. And that person received a ‘Certificate of Green’ - an e-certificate that bore their name in Dark Green. This not only gave them a sense of ownership and partnership in this noble cause but also raised awareness of the initiative.


Our team of horticulturists selected well-protected sites for planting, both native and indigenous trees that attract birds and butterflies, while improving groundwater and oxygen levels in the vicinity. They are also closely monitoring these trees during their early years, to ensure they grow healthily in their new environment.

Now that we have reached the 30,000 milestone, it gives us a sense of fulfillment.
But the journey does not end here. We have more to achieve in terms of transforming
our surrounding environs.



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