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Everything you know about leased offices in Bangalore

April 28, 2022

Bangalore has grown immensely because of the ever-growing presence of IT companies and other enterprises. The magnitude of entrepreneurial impact keeps increasing every year in this Silicon Valley of India. Entrepreneurship creates a ripple effect as many people are ready to kickstart their own businesses. As a result, searching for office spaces in Bangalore has significantly risen more than ever. In this blog, we are going to reveal those pearls on leased offices in Bangalore.

Do you know what a leased office is? When you want to occupy the office space for a period of time, a simple contractual agreement is signed to occupy that commercial property. This blog provides all the insights you are looking for in a leased office in Bangalore. It is crucial that you define your office space requirements before looking for commercial real estate for lease or office space for rent in Bangalore. Remember to evaluate your employee and client needs.

Types of Leased Office in Bangalore

1.Full-service leases

The landowner pays for the expenses regarding property, including property taxes and insurance, repairs and maintenance, and utilities and janitorial services. This is called a full-service lease.

2.Net leasesalore

3.Full-service leases

The common term used in commercial real estate is net leases. It is a contractual agreement where you need to pay a portion or all of the taxes, insurance fees, maintenance costs, and rent for a property.

4.Percentage leases

In this type, you need to pay a base rent from your usable space and a percentage of revenue generated from any business done in the same rental premises.

What is the difference between renting office space and leased office space?

Many are still confused between leasing and renting office space. Are you one of them? There is nothing to worry about as we will help you with that.

Both leasing and renting office space are unique. The length of the agreement is the prime factor to differentiate between leasing and renting. With leasing, you can sign up a contract for a year or extend it to 2, 3, or 4 years. On the other hand, a rental agreement lasts for 30 days, and you can stay in that office space on a month-to-month basis.

What are the benefits of Leased Office Space in Bangalore?

For those who cannot afford to purchase office space in Bangalore, your next move should be a leased office. Leasing office space is packed with a lot of benefits.

1.Take control of your business with great ease

As the property owner is responsible for security, maintenance, and other management problems, there is nothing to worry about. You can fully focus on taking your business to the next level without any hassle.

2.Cost-effective option

When you compare it with buying office space, leasing office space is the most preferred option for businesses. You can operate your business on a limited budget while focusing on your business completely without any worries. In recent years, there has been a significant surge among SMEs and start-ups in procuring leased office spaces in Bangalore.


Your business can grow immensely. So, you need extra office space to accommodate those employees. If your leased office space can provide access to more space when required, easy upgrades can be done smoothly without any problem.

4.Maintenance is taken care of by the property owner

There are no maintenance hassles as the property owner takes care of it. You can completely focus on your business. In case you buy office space, you will need to manage your business and the facility. With office space on lease, the facility team will manage the maintenance.

How to find office space for rent and lease in Bangalore

1.Examine your office space needs

Here are the basic questions to understand your office space requirements.

  • How many employees do you have in your company?
  • How much workspace do you need?
  • Do you get amenities like conference rooms and others?
  • Estimate the square feet per employee
  • Do they give extra office space if your business is growing?

2.What your client and employee needs

It is essential to think about your employees as well as clients when you are going to lease office space. They say the first impression is the best. Interior layout and facilities like conference rooms or meeting rooms need to be considered. How much space do you need for your clients and employees? In addition, look for parking availability. And don’t forget to look for an open, collaborative work environment.

3.Location is the key factor

It is crucial to look for a prime location in Bangalore. Proximity to clients and easy accessibility by rail and road is much needed when you are looking for office space on lease.

4.Your lease period

Go for a short lease because it is flexible as well as cost-effective. If you are going to stick on to one space for many years, this can limit your business growth as well as cause financial hardships.

5.What is the minimum term for a commercial office lease?

The commercial office lease period depends on the landlord. However, one can take a 3-year lease or up to 7 or 8-year lease, and maybe even more. Some landlords may give you up to 10 years with a break option at the end of year 5. These terms can vary with each building and landlord.

Why choose Brigade Group to lease office space in Bangalore

Brigade is an esteemed and leading real estate developer in India, which offers many commercial office spaces on lease in Bangalore. They are well known for designing world-class office spaces for IT companies, start-ups, multinationals, and modern businesses. Brigade Group develops Grade A commercial properties.

Brigade properties for lease

The office campus boasts an exceptional workspace environment to cater to both small and large businesses. Some of the iconic Brigade commercial properties for lease in Bangalore include Brigade Opus, Brigade Senate, Brigade Magnum, Brigade Metropolis, and Brigade Tech Gardens. These projects integrate planning, landscape, and architecture in perfect harmony to come up with the 21 st century office space. Brigade commercial office spaces are located in prime locations in Bangalore. The greenery and landscape around office buildings offer a stress-free environment where you can relax and unwind. Our office spaces have Grade A specifications and thoughtful amenities like a cafeteria, ample parking facilities, 100% power backup, and much more. If you are looking for a commercial office space for sale in Bangalore or office space in Kakkanad, Brigade is the ideal destination to accelerate your business to the next level.


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