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Green Offices: Everything You Must-Know About Them

October 9, 2018

A fundamental change is taking place. Increase in renewable energy use and the convergence of IT and building technologies is rapidly moving us towards positive energy building’s. A recent study by the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications proved that design plays a very important role in one's professional life and directly impacts their job performance. With cities growing rapidly and with the effect of urbanization there has been a significant shift in the greenery around us. It has slowly started to diminish.

Green buildings are becoming more popular among businesses and according to the Smart Market Report green ecosystems continue to double up every three years.

These offices are essentially designed to enhance environmental awareness and to be energy efficient. Moreover, they also create a healthy work atmosphere. Here’s why a green office could be the right choice for organizations and their employees -

Sustainable and Energy Efficient
Sustainable design is efficient design. They ensure high performance because they greatly reduce cost and increase efficiency. Eco-friendly workspaces can generally also sustain themselves for years as they help businesses generate their own energy needs, with the potential of storing energy back into the grid proving to be a good investment for your business.

Enhanced Productivity
Green designs generally make employees feel more positive and stress-free at work. Office campuses well equipped with a garden or a naturistic sitting area generally prove to be the most popular spots for employees to relax or have a quick chat with their fellow coworkers. This, in turn, helps them recharge and rejuvenate themselves during work further enabling them to perform better and quicker.

Improved Health and Well-being
A report from the World Green Building Council says that employees working in a greener office are much healthier than their counterparts. This is because green work environments improve air quality to a huge extent and keep the temperature levels neutral inside the office. Constantly inhaling carbon dioxide while commuting to work or simply when we take a quick stroll can affect us drastically and therefore an office that implements green features allows one to breathe in fresh air and lead an overall healthy working environment.

Hence there is a direct correlation between nature and your business and it would pay well to have outdoor elements incorporated in your office space. Brigade Commercial developments continue to recognize the importance of implementing green features at a workspace because a greener work environment is a better work environment.

At Brigade we are consistently focusing on building positive experiences for all because after all, happy employees are the backbone of a successful business. 


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