Follow These 5 Tips to Mix & Match Interior Design Styles Like a Pro!


Follow These 5 Tips to Mix & Match Interior Design Styles Like a Pro!

April 17, 2023

The notion of personality is innate for all humans. However, even living spaces carry a personality with interior decorative styles, giving a home its shape and character.

When choosing a design style for your home, you can conveniently skip symmetrical styles and matching elements – they are no longer a norm. The modern interior design school of thought encourages asymmetry as a crucial design component. The mix-and-match interior design trend is on the rise. There is always room to incorporate different design styles and bring out fantastic and eclectic results.

Bringing a visual balance in the space is the key to mixing different interior design styles — and blending multiple elements, such as textures, fabrics and paints. The mix-and-match styles appeal to many interior design style guides too, who may advise you to experiment and pour out your personality and taste when decorating the house.  

Here is how you can mix different aesthetics, add sophistication and blend other elements while avoiding chaos and clutter:

  • Experiment with colours

    Colours can do the magic of adding warmth to the space and also make it look vibrant with striking contrasts. Repeating a chosen colour scheme across the room is an easy way to bring harmony while mixing interior styles. However, using the same colour throughout may dull the look and feel of your home.

    A splash of pastel or an eye-catching shade can break the monotony. Even blending bright colours with lighter shades or using classic black and white can do the perfect job of garnering the eyeballs of your family and visitors. 

  • Find a balance between different styles

    The key to mixing and matching different interior design styles is to bring about balance. You can add equal visual weight to the space while setting the tone with different elements. Link styles by pairing up a few décor pieces like a traditional rug or lamp with a modern chair to create a feeling of cohesiveness.

    Adding a few traditional elements to a modern design, such as putting a glass top on an antique chest box and using it as a centre table. Some interior design styles share mutual characteristics, like the love of greenery and natural materials or textures that Scandinavian and Bohemian styles share.

  • Look for textures to blend styles

    Natural textures such as wood and metallic can go together seamlessly. For instance, you can try pairing an antique brass floor lamp in a room where metal is the focal point or use wrought iron barn door-style cabinets for the media console. 

    Natural wood or stone and glass go well together, however, the same may not work for finished woods. Adding a touch of nature to your designs in the form of plants can enhance almost any décor style you choose for your home.

  • Combine styles by using art

    The easiest way for blending interior design styles is by adding wall art or sculpture as a décor. If the room has traditional-style furniture, add abstract or modern artwork. For instance, artwork that features a landscape can complement your modern and stylish furniture. 

    Adding reclaimed wood frames to your wall pictures is an easy and excellent showcase of contemporary art. Using art to combine interior styles can keep the room from appearing too theme-based or cliché.

  • Consider the size & proportion

    In a mix-and-match interior design style, paying close attention to size and scale is crucial. A larger room can handle big furnishings, while small décor pieces suit a small space.  Your centrepiece could be a big, cushiony sofa but may look odd next to a petite table. Similarly, a sleek-looking table can seem out of place near a heavy lamp or a giant armchair in a room with delicate and feminine-looking pieces. 

    Ensure keeping white or empty space while keeping the main furniture as the scale for other decorative pieces. Move things around until you get the correct proportion for your room.

We live in an exciting age where we can bring many styles and ideas to life. The mix-and-match interior design style allows you to experiment. You can coordinate bold and playful elements in the same space to infuse an inviting, fun feeling into your décor. 

Blending interior design styles that perfectly reflect your style is possible with the right approach and a little help from experts. Brigade Plus is a one-stop solution to customise your Brigade home, connecting interior designers, vendors and customers. Our convenient, hassle-free and transparent interior design services include modular kitchens, wardrobes, electrical fittings, smart homes and more. Our team can help create a beautiful home by combining various design styles.  

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