Global Transformation of Workspaces in the Post-COVID Era


Global Transformation of Workspaces in the Post-COVID Era

September 03, 2021

For more than a decade, the commercial real estate sector has been one of the fastest-growing industries, witnessing compound annual growth rates. Particularly for workspaces, everything was running smoothly, until the pandemic revealed the vast possibilities of creating a better workspace. Now, one needs access to enhanced indoor air quality, healthcare, sustainable options, and much more to re-establish the future workspace.

So, who takes charge to transform the workspaces? - Global leaders. Visionary global leaders are already working towards adapting to the evolved needs of the industry. From optimizing physical spaces to initiating employee wellbeing and sustainable programs, everything has to be reanalyzed.

According to Christian Ulbrich, Global Chief Executive Officer and President, JLL, “The pandemic has accelerated changes in work and lifestyles that had already been gathering pace over recent years, driven in large part by new technology.”

Now the next question is: How do they bring about this transformation?

A recent report by the World Economic Forum2 provides a strong framework to shape the future of workspaces in the post-pandemic recovery phase.

  1. Encourage sustainability and increase corporate accountability to follow ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) targets
  2. Accelerate digitalization to speed up processes (from construction to day-to-day projects) and eradicate time-consuming manual processes
  3. Develop a more inclusive and diverse workspace that embraces talent and skill to promote constant learning
  4. Strengthen cybersecurity to uphold data integrity
  5. Create a healthier workspace to promote employee wellness and mental health awareness
  6. Safeguard equitable access to tests, treatments, and vaccines for hazards like COVID-19
  7. Initiate projects that benefit everybody by engaging all the stakeholders throughout the industry value chain and community




  1. Global real estate CEOs plan for industry transformation
  2. We asked young people what changes they want for the future. Here's what they said

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