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Building a Sustainable Future - Water Management in Residential Complexes

January 8, 2021

Perhaps the most significant concern looming over us in this day and age is water management. It is an essential resource for human beings, yet we fail to use it judiciously. With each advancing year, water is getting progressively scarce in many parts of the world. Hence, it is our moral obligation and duty to improve water management in our everyday lives to guarantee that we can keep on preserving water for a long time into the future.

Due to the nature of the housing industry, building residential complexes and communities comes at the cost of massive water consumption. It is, however, recoverable. From a resident's perspective, water management can be tackled with small habits and preservation techniques that can be implemented at their homes in their daily lives.
However, from the point of view of residential complexes and societies, water management requires more effort wherein different methods and techniques have to be employed in the infrastructure of the buildings.

The following are some ways through which residential complexes can manage their water wastage and consumption.

  1. Rainwater Harvesting
    It is one of the oldest and most essential methods utilized for sparing water. It is a technique that includes gathering the water from various surfaces into capacity tanks, wells and springs. In addition to the fact that this prevents wasting of water, it helps in reusing similar water for different purposes.
  2. Water Meters
    Introducing water meters will be crucial in sparring large amounts of water. It allows you to monitor your water utilization through the convenience of your cell phone with the help of an application. It notifies you of any leaks in the system, subsequently preventing wastage of water. Water meters will help people be more cautious and reasonable in their utilization of water.
  3. Effective Piping Systems
    Vast amounts of water get wasted because of defective and broken pipes. A sound piping framework will guarantee storage and segregation of water and help prevent spillage of water too. Besides, a comprehensive, organized pipeline system enables access to rainwater and greywater for various purposes.
  4. Use of Greywater
    Greywater alludes to water that is utilized in places like sinks, washing machines, tubs and showers. Such water can be utilized for different purposes, like irrigation, agriculture, toilet flushes and so forth. Part of sound water management initiatives incorporates innovative utilization of reusable water for different applications.

Brigade Cornerstone Utopia
Smart water usage and conservation methods were primary in the conceptualization of Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, a 47-acre, future-ready and multi-use integrated enclave. In our attempt to conserve water, we have undertaken various measures, including

Rainwater Harvesting

  • At Utopia we have a State of Art water harvesting system ensuring a reduction in the demand and usage of fresh water. Rainwater is collected and reused, with added purification depending on the usage. This will ensure about 5,720 kilolitres of water is conserved every year.

Bio Retention Ponds

  • These water bodies will help with recharging the groundwater levels.

Wastewater Recycling (STP)

  • We have a high-tech sequencing batch reactor sewage treatment plant, treated black water is used for gardening purposes and treated grey water is used for flushing purposes.

Triple Plumbing System

  • Future ready homes at Brigade Utopia will have a provision for a separate piping system for treated grey water that is used for flushing. Each drop of water goes through a 3-stage filtration- Softening, Disinfection, Sand-pressure filtration.

Smart Meters

  • The smart meters help in monitoring water usage through an app along with notifying about leakages.

Water Aerators

  • Low flow aerators ensure reduction in water wastage which further reduces the consumption and demand for fresh water. We provide pressure regulators for higher floors to maintain the water pressure.


  • Apart from being a green lung, it helps in retaining the ground water level.

This way, smart water management can go a long way in saving our resources and enabling its use for the generations to come.

With all of these practices in place, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia will be all set to redefine conscious living. Brigade Utopia, by unleashing its smart water conservation features, will also prompt us to use water consciously and will, hopefully, make a huge difference, one drop at a time.


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