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Sustainable workspaces: The future of office spaces

February 18, 2022

We are often told to invest in a sustainable workspace because it’s the future, a space that benefits both the environment and the employees. But what exactly makes a workspace sustainable? How does it benefit our employees? How does your business make a difference with a sustainable workspace?

Sustainability at workplaces can be achieved through both work-life balances and keeping a check on our consumption of resources. Through sustainable workspaces, one can create a futuristic space that is cognisant of consumption and employee well-being. After all, the secret to a healthy workforce is a healthy workspace. Offices should focus on creating a healthy environment that encourages employees to be productive and efficient and work to their best capability.

Let’s breakdown these methods to get a better understanding of why and how a sustainable workspace benefits both the environment and employees;

  • All sustainable endeavors begin with a goal. Ours is to reduce carbon footprint as much as possible. Simple but effective measures like choosing greener appliances, promoting a paperless culture, using energy-efficient building materials, and implementing a smart workspace layout can make a substantial difference.
  • A smart and well-executed vision can help reduce consumption, a flexible layout design ensures adaptability.
  • It’s crucial to keep the solar orientation in mind. Sunlight boosts Serotonin and a design that channels a lot of natural light in can be highly beneficial. In addition to the occupants, an ample amount of sunlight ensures a healthy life for the plants in the office.
  • Greenery is the key to a sustainable office design. Houseplants improve air quality and absorb indoor humidity. They are also known to lift your mood, reduce fatigue and boost creativity.
  • The sustainable office of the future has an open and healthy workspace. Open working stations promote collaboration, productivity, and efficiency, however, a workspace layout has to be designed with separate work and communal spaces. Separate communal space helps to keep the workflow intact.
  • Keeping workstations an open concept creates a flow in communication, this adds to productivity and team building. Open desks also allow one to get creative with their space and add a sense of belonging. Give your team a range of seating options. A change of scenery has the potential to inspire.
  • It’s advisable to have a communal space, preferably an open one with plenty of sunlight and plants. A space dedicated to communal gatherings and conversation can recharge and inspire workers to work efficiently. A recent survey shows socialization in the workspace keeps employees healthier and encourages creative participation, it instils a sense of belonging and motivates them.


A sustainable design is a step in the right direction. When companies take initiative and find ways to make their employees feel at home and contribute positively to the environment, it makes everyone feel like they are part of something monumental.

The Brigade Group believes that sustainability reflects a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the future at large. Our properties like the Brigade Opus in Hebbal and Brigade Tech Gardens in Brookefield performs around 15 points better in terms of energy conservation compared to Global Average.

From our site selection to construction practices, our sensitivity and unwavering commitment to sustainability have gone beyond just creating concrete structures. Making the right choices will keep the employees happy and healthy. Brigade’s office spaces consider sustainability as the predominant factor in our workspace designs.

Choose Brigade for a sustainable future for your workspace.

An initiative your customers will appreciate for years to come.

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