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11 Diwali DIY Ideas for Your Home

October 10, 2017

Diwali (or Deepavali) is the biggest and most lit festival in the entire Hindu calendar which is celebrated in honor of the victory of good over evil and brightness over darkness. It celebrates Lord Rama and his wife Sita returning to their kingdom of Ayodhya, after Rama and Hanuman defeats the demon King Ravana and rescue of Sita from his evil clutches (on Dussehra).

Keeping this history on mind Diwali has been a festival of celebrations in all possible ways & celebrating it at home with friends and family has its own charm. There are different people who enjoy different aspects of celebration, like, burning crackers, home decors, festive delicacies, etc. Today, we bring to you some crazy yet simple DIY techniques to make your home look even more beautiful this festive season.

1. DIY Diyas:


Festival of Diwali is incomplete without diyas. These little clay materials are not only considered auspicious but also give your home an earthen feel. You can make those clay diyas more interesting & beautiful by creatively painting it and placing them in corners of the house to elevate and bring an illusion of huge space.


2. Light up your home with Serial Lamps:


Serial lamps commonly known as Christmas lights are available in different shapes and sizes with colorful bulbs that resemble the row of diyas. Don’t be worried about your children disturbing or playing with the diyas anymore. Buy serial lamps in various shapes and sizes based on your requirement and go on decorating the house with lights that are not only pretty but even safe for children.


3. DIY Lanterns:



Lanterns are an important component of this festival and are mainly used as a decorative material that is hung outside in the Patio or in any open space where it can create an illusion of space and bring grandeur to the house. This Diwali, make the most attractive paper lanterns to light up your home.


4. Rangoli:


Rangoli is not just a pattern drawn on the floor but it is an art from Nepal which has been accepted and used by millions of Indians to decorate their homes on various festive occasions using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. Make your home come alive this Diwali by making simple geometric shapes or impressions of deity or flower and petal shapes.


5. DIY Toran / Bandhanwar:
One of the many traditions of Diwali that has been going on for ages is to put up Bandhanwar on the doors as a part of bringing good luck and positive vibes into your homes. You can make it as you like, all you need is rope, slightly more in length as measured to the size of your door, some marigold flowers or mango leaves. If you wish to add more items to the list then go ahead and let your creativity flow and make your very own Bandhanwar for the occasion.


6. DIY Mason Jar:


While there a million ways to make beautiful mason jars which are time consuming, we have a super easy & beautiful way in which you can create your own enumerated Mason jar within minutes. All you have to do is take a jar of your choice, wrap it with rubber bands in any manner you like, spray paint the entire jar. Now remove these rubber bands and place the tea-light in it. Your beautiful DIY mason jar is ready!


7. DIY Yarn Lampshade:


There is absolutely no hassle in making this amazing yarn lampshade and it goes great anywhere; in rooms or living room or on porch to make it look prettier and more festive. All you need is one big balloon, balloon pump, 2 balls of yarn, preferably cotton or acrylic, Vaseline, water resistant marker, wallpaper glue, an old box in which you can mix the glue and the yarn, and a stick for stirring, gloves, something to hang the lamp by, paper cloth, wire with lightening bulb. Put the yarn into the glue and mix properly. Fill the balloon to a desirable size. Rub it in with a thin layer of Vaseline. Get your hanging device, and mark a circle at the top of the balloon that's 1 -2 cm smaller than the hanging device.


8. DIY Origami Lotuses:


This festive season fill your home with these origami baskets. Let your home gloom with paper art, crafted in no time at all. All you need is one paper cutting and a dash of your creativity.
Start with a square piece of origami paper with color side down, fold the paper into a triangle by folding the bottom corner to the top corner. Now fold the triangle into a diamond by folding the left and right corners to the top. Take the flaps you just folded and fold them outward to the left and right edges of the diamond. Unfold the left side and insert a finger into the pocket of that flap, then squash down. Repeat the above step for the right side as well so that you have two squashed sides​


9. DIY Tin crafts:

It’s cute, it’s simple and it’s beautiful! Diwali is sometimes all about how beautiful and festive your home looks. We have some really cool ways for you to make your own DIY home decors with used tin cans. One of the simple ways is to take a couple of flat tin cans (preferably small cookie boxes), remove the lid and tie them from a hanger in an asymmetric way with the bottom of the can facing the wall. Once they are decorated and hanged, just add diyas in each of the can and light them. Tada... your DIY tin wall hanging is ready.


10. Homemade Candle:


What better way to decorate your home other than candles. They are easy, useful and adds to the charm of the already lit festival. You can choose to light up the environment as you like by molding the wax into the shape of your choice. You can add a little creative touch using dry leaves, feathers, sparkles or scents.


11. DIY Painted walls:

If you are the one who enjoys painting anything and everything then we have got the right thing to do for you this Diwali. Walls are something that gives an essence of our house and vibes. Fill all the walls with some beautiful paintings of lit diyas or deity or anything for that matter, till the time it depicts the occasion and mix it up with a few DIY lanterns.

Aren’t you enchanted by these lovely craft ideas? So, rush back to your homes and start creating the masterpieces to jewel up your homes this Diwali. Let the love, shine, brightness and colors win hearts of many through these amazing DIY techniques. If you have any of your craft ideas that are don’t cost a rash to nature and are perfect for this festive season, share with us the snippets of your creative minds.


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