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Five smart home appliances for your home

September 14, 2018

It is said that a loving family is the heart of a home. But today, with the advent of digital technology, you can give your home a brain as well! Smart home appliances not only offer the benefit of convenience, but they also provide much-needed security and connectivity. They are quick, reliable and play a significant role in promoting an urban lifestyle. Here is a look at the top five best smart home appliances.


Security systems
The smart security system of a home consists of intelligent locks and surveillance cameras that safeguard your abode. This system can remotely be controlled by a smartphone application that can be accessed by only those who have the shared credentials. This completely eliminates the need to have a physical set of keys and offers a two-way mode of communication through a high-quality intercom system.

You can also keep an eye on your property through surveillance cameras; whether you want to check who is at the door before opening it or keep burglars at bay while you are away. The system also comes with highly-effective security alarms that turn off the moment the lock is tampered with.


Temperature control
Controlling the heating and cooling systems of your home through a smart thermostat comes with a plethora of benefits – the biggest one being that of energy efficiency. Cut down on the costs of your electricity bills by installing a smart thermostat and play your role in saving the environment. A smart thermostat also adapts to the usage patterns and automatically controls the temperature of your home for you. They also provide the advantage of remote access so you can switch on your air conditioning even before you go home.

These automated smart home appliances also come with a motion sensor to detect activity in the room. This way, you can save yourself from the hassle of remembering to turn the air conditioning off before you leave your home and save even more on your electricity bill.


Lighting solutions
Imagine controlling the lighting of your home as quickly as you control your mobile brightness. By opting for customised lighting solutions, you can hand-pick the lighting of your room. Whether you need focus lights to read a book, dim lighting to watch a movie or decorative lights when you have guests over, there is a solution for every situation. You can also change the colour of your lighting based on your mood or the ambience you are planning to create. Apart from adding to the look and feel of your home, automated lighting solutions are also highly cost-effective. They are pre-installed with motion sensors to automatically turn off when the room has no activity and can be remotely controlled by all the members of the family.

Additionally, lighting solutions are one of the smart home applications that can be easily installed. The entire process is so easy that it can also be done as a weekend DIY project. All the systems work on Wi-Fi and can be controlled by a smartphone application.


Automated entertainment
Smart TVs are one of the best smart home appliances that have altered the way homeowners look at entertainment. With a wide range of spectacular features, a wealth of engaging content and a multitude of apps, the Smart TV indeed makes your regular TV look like an idiot box. To begin with, you get the option of watching what you want at your convenience. You also have the added advantage of hitting pause or streaming to your favourite part when needed. Additionally, Smart TVs are pre-installed with a kid-friendly feature to ensure your little one is not exposed to any explicit content.

A lot of TV shows and movies are now exclusively available only on online portals, adding fodder to the fact that Smart TVs are the future of home entertainment. They also come with a universal remote, eliminating the need for designated remote for each of your home entertainment devices.


Voice-activated assistants
The introduction of voice-activated home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home have taken smart home applications to the next level. These audio speakers can help you through any of your online-related activities. Whether it is finding a service near you, ordering some food or even playing the song of your choice - you voice it, and it will implement it.

The biggest advantage of voice-activated assistants is that they can be integrated with other smart home appliances of your home. From your smart lighting solutions to your home security devices, you can control it all with just the command of your voice. Due to the ease in communication, these devices are a massive hit in homes that specifically have senior citizens who are not too comfortable with handling digital devices.

These smart home appliances are guaranteed to upgrade your home and complement your fast-paced lifestyle. For thoughtfully designed homes that are the definition of urban living, head out to the Brigade Group. Choose from spectacular apartments and villas in the leading localities of Bangalore, Mysore and other top cities of the country.


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