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The futuristic core philosophy of Brigade Workspaces

April 24, 2023

The Brigade commercial vertical has always strived to bring a solidified uniqueness to every project, directly solely at our vision of ‘being a world-class organisation in our products, processes, people and performance’. Our commercial team has now devised a philosophy that caters to everyone in the commercial property ecosystem. Hence, we coined the term –

‘Inspire Nxt’ – a phrase that captures the essence of our philosophy succinctly.

This philosophy reflects in our choice of locations, perks for businesses and their employees, and the environment and the community we impact, thereby providing a strategic advantage to all stakeholders.

Defining Inspire Nxt
Driven by our futuristic design philosophy, our inspirational designs transcend into our spaces as we focus on investing in positive workspace experiences. To design workplaces that cater to the New Normal, Brigade Group has focused on welcoming next-wave technologies.

If we talk about the true spirit of Inspire Nxt, it is essentially captured in six different tenets that serve as pillars for workspace design, development, sustainability, and customer experience.

Emphasizing the 6 tenets of Inspire Nxt:

Creating Landmarks
Our mission has been extremely clear in making buildings that stand out distinctively from a large distance in the given neighbourhood. By ensuring its contribution to the city and its micro-economy, Brigade office parks have built their place of eminence among global businesses that are operating from them. Brigade workspaces is proving to be a pioneer in sketching a landmark, no matter where they are constructed.

Building for tomorrow, today
We have always pushed the envelope in terms of technology, shared amenities, and increased flexibility for our clients. Our Quality First philosophy coupled with our Customer Centricity approach, ensures that all our projects offer ‘remarkable operational synergies’ leading to both, cost, and time savings.

Green, thinking at the core
At Brigade, we have gone beyond concrete structures and brought in the essence of green thinking. All our developments are IGBC or LEED certified, most of which are classified under Platinum certification.

These not only contribute to reducing the carbon footprint but also add aesthetic value while boosting products.

Design First Philosophy
Outstanding design that truly inspires, is at the core of everything we do. It is our ‘Design First’ philosophy and thoughtful innovation that brings alive every next-gen Brigade workspace.

Vibrant experience to foster well-being
From where we work, to the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the way we unwind, everything impacts the our work ethos and relate with our community. At Brigade, we take utmost care to ensure a healthier and more cheerful working environment.

End-to-end property management
Apart from ensuring seamless end-to-end property management, Brigade Workspaces are striving to bring world-class office spaces to businesses around the country. Since inception, we have been crafting strategies and services to keep these workspaces perfectly in sync with modern-day designs, technologies, and innovation. From clients to our everyday employees, we make sure they focus on what they do best.

With a massive requirement for workspaces that are futuristic and people-centric, our workspaces like Brigade Twin Towers, strategically located in Northwest Bengaluru, are aligned with sustainability and economic goals. Similarly, other workspaces by Brigade are built on the above mentioned 6 tenets from a holistic development perspective.


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