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How to Make Your Own Office Space at Home

March 24, 2021

Tired of working from your bed or dining table while working from home? The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively eliminated the line between home and work, and the sudden nature of its arrival left most people high and dry. After years of working in an office, setting up a home office space can seem like a huge ordeal. However, having a productive and well-designed space in your home specifically designated for work is crucial. While designing this space might not seem that difficult, here are a few simple tips to enhance that cozy workspace in your home.

  1. Choose the right room
    A cursory glance around your house may lead you to believe that there is no room for an office space. However, by making a few changes, you can turn this around. Having a separate room as a dedicated office space is the best option, as it allows you to have an entire space dedicated solely to work with minimal distractions. Converting an extra bedroom or even your balcony into a home office can help you emulate an office environment and enable you to distinguish between home and work. If this is not possible, then picking a corner of a room, such as the bedroom or dining room, is the next best option. When choosing a place to set up your office space, it is important to ensure maximum silence and minimum distractions. Choose a quiet room or corner in your house, and you’re all set to create your very own office space!
  2. Buy the right equipment
    Once you have finalised a space for your home office, the next step is to equip it with the right furniture and tools to ensure maximum productivity. This includes finding furniture, electronic devices and other equipment that suits your business needs and persona preferences without burning a hole in your pocket. Ergonomics, the study of the correct positioning of your body, must be taken into account when deciding the shape, size and positioning of your desk and chair. From communication devices to computer equipment - every business has unique needs, and you must ensure that the equipment that you choose has features that meet them. Budget constraints can often be difficult to navigate when building a home office from scratch. However, exploring options such as buying second hand or leasing the equipment temporarily can help you create the perfect wallet-friendly home office.
  3. Minimise distractions
    One of the biggest struggles of working from home is ignoring the multitudes of distractions. However, ensuring that your home office is equipped to block these can enable you to prevent these distractions from hampering your productivity. Noise cancelling headphones can do wonders for enabling deep focus and tuning out all the noises of your home - from clattering pans to the blaring television. If you do not have a dedicated room for your workspace, then using a room divider curtain to divide the rest of your room from your home office can help physically separate your workspace from the rest of the room and indicate to your family members that the space must be disturbance-free.
  4. Establish the right storage space
    From stationary to documents and books, your workspace must have storage equipment in place to ensure that all your work tools are easily accessible and neatly stored away. Finding enough storage space can often be difficult, especially when you have limited space to begin with. Making use of wall-mounted shelves can help save valuable space. Storage units that can easily be stowed under your desk is another way to keep everything organised, without cluttering your office with too much equipment. Simple pieces like desk organisers, pen holders and ring binders can help ensure that you never have to scramble for a pen or a sheet of paper.
  5. Your view matters!
    Having a workspace with a great view can do wonders for your mood and productivity! According to a 2015 Human Spaces report, employees with work environments that included natural elements displayed a 15 per cent higher well-being score and a 6 per cent higher productivity score, in comparison to those whose offices did not have such elements. A bright space with abundant natural light provides a calm and enjoyable environment to work in. Additionally, having a desk that overlooks greenery can improve your mood and help you feel more relaxed, while also enhancing your productivity. At Brigade, we ensure that all our properties have captivating views and an abundance of greenery, so that a peek outside your window is enough to instantly elevate your mood.

    Having a well-designed office space can make or break your workday. Our offices and desks are not just places at which we work, but also the places where we spend large parts of our day. Therefore, a welcoming workplace will make you look forward to sitting at your desk every morning, reflects your personality, and most importantly, makes you feel happy, comfortable and at home. Incorporate these tips to build your workspace, and witness those long and tiring workdays get instantly better!

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