10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Diwali at Your Workspace


10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Diwali at Your Workspace

October 23, 2019

Diwali doesn’t need an introduction. This is a festival where, throughout the country, people light up diyas to bring light to their homes and warm up their hearts. When it comes to workplaces, it is no surprise, that Diwali has a huge significance.

Organizations across the country, are noticed celebrating this joyous occasion, by distributing sweets amongst their employees, or conducting Diwali-themed activities that help ring in the festive spirit. With the festival of lights being just a couple of days away, here’s how to make Diwali celebrations at work all the more special – 


Go Ethnic

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Break the monotony at work and bring forward your best traditional ensembles. Indian ethnic wear is deeply rooted in culture and tradition. Diwali makes for the perfect time to go back to one’s roots and embrace the rich cultural heritage.

Have a Potluck Party

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As much as Diwali is about lights and the spirit of giving, it is also about quintessential Diwali parties. While the Diwali season is undoubtedly the busiest time on everyone’s schedule, having a potluck party may be the perfect way to unwind and celebrate amidst colleagues and close friends. On the flip side, any Diwali is incomplete without sweets and savoury delicacies. Great food can often be the key to a memorable party!

Photo Booth Corners

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Photo booths add an extra festive dimension to Diwali. With the festive spirit taking over the office, one is bound to want to capture these special moments as a token of remembrance. Having a fun photo booth corner in the office will be greatly appreciated by the employees and will boost their spirits. 

Give a Makeover to The Office
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As the office is a second home for most, one cannot leave the office looking dull and boring. Decorating the office environment just as one decorates their homes, can bring in some of the positive festive flavours. A little bit of brightness added with diyas, vibrant Rangolis around the office, and subtle fragrances can light up the space and give it a festive feeling.

Diwali-Themed Games
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Run a series of fun high energy activities at work so people engage and enjoy amongst themselves. Diwali is not just a close family affair, it’s a gala. While the office is supposed to be a place where employees put their time and skills to best use. Making the daily routine take a back seat for a day, can prove to be fruitful. Fun games such as Rangoli making competitions or a Diwali pop quiz will fuel the competitive spirit and the festivities at work. 

Contributing Towards a Good Cause

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Diwali is the victory of good over evil. One unusual way to celebrate Diwali at work could be an impromptu visit to the orphanage or old age homes. This could not only light up the faces of those who aren’t entitled to a fun Diwali but also make the employees feel like they are part of something greater.

Head out with the team

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With Diwali holidays round the corner, it is a must to take a break and head out with the team to have the perfect day. Team outings can be great to boost employee morale and build spirit amongst team members. Diwali being a festival that brings people and cultures together, can be the right time to plan a team off-site and celebrate in all vigour.

Undertake a Joint Clean up
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Diwali involves a lot of customs and practises, and amongst the typical ones is that to clean one’s space. According to popular belief, one is required to keep their space clean before the new year begins, to increase their chances of being blessed by the Goddess of good fortune. A team activity like this, maybe enjoyed by the employees largely and can also aid in keeping the office premises cleaner.

Go Eco-friendly
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Over the years, people have started to celebrate the festival of lights with grandeur, that is starting to put a toll on the environment. In recent times, people have now become more responsible towards nature, and have started celebrating Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. Some of the ways to do so would be to have competitions such as best-out-of-waste, where the employees can make DIY décor out of waste items or look for eco-friendlier décor options that make use of plants or paper.

Showcase Your Creativity
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Curating a bunch of interesting workshops at the office can not only let the employees unwind, but also aid in breaking the monotone. It can give the employees a chance to showcase their creativity and do something unusual. Learning how to make your own clay diyas or bio-degradable décor can be a pretty fun experiment for the employees.

Take a cue from the aforementioned Diwali celebration ideas and re-imagine the way you celebrate Diwali at your workplace! 


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