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June 27, 2023

Coming back home is no longer a routine but a beckoning at Brigade Komarla Heights. Each day here brings you unique avenues to celebrate the joys of life. It is an abode that makes your life convenient and exciting in endless ways.

Brigade Komarla Heights is a high-rise located in Padmanabhanagar, a highly coveted posh neighbourhood in South Bengaluru. It is thoughtfully designed for those with varied lifestyle aspirations within an urban metropolis – laidback, active or nature lovers.

Convenience is one way of leading a good life and Brigade Komarla Heights fulfils this requirement. Connectivity is one way in which the apartment enclave makes residents’ lives easy like never before. The residential development is well-connected with most of the major roadways which makes daily commuting effortless. 

The serene surroundings and on-campus green buffer zones at Brigade Komarla Heights give you a much-needed respite from the city humdrum. Modern on-campus facilities here are just what you and your family need for an active lifestyle. Enjoying a panoramic view of the illuminated city of Bengaluru from a spacious balcony is the best way to end the day at Brigade Komarla Heights.

About Brigade Komarla Heights

Some seek privacy and serenity when they look for an ideal home, while others prioritise tangible things such as spacious interiors with a balcony that opens to great vistas from a high-rise apartment. What if you get all these under one roof? Brigade Komarla Heights offers all that you looked for in your dream home and more.

The real estate project is spread across four acres. It has two towers that feature 2 and 3 BHK apartments. A spacious balcony along with strategically positioned bedrooms let in ample sunlight and air. The setting exudes a positivity that helps you leave stress behind so you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Time is a rare commodity in the life of Bengalureans, who spend a significant portion of their day in traffic. Brigade Komarla Heights shares excellent connectivity with major employment hubs, reputed schools, shopping malls and hospitals. The connectivity saves travel time for commuters, making it one of the most sought-after residential destinations for city dwellers. 

The buildings feature a vertical architecture that gives the apartment a towering look, evoking grandeur and perfection. However, living in a high-rise need not alienate you from the people living within the community. The higher-level apartments are outfitted with refuge terraces that act as extended zones for gatherings within your residential society.

Brigade Komarla Heights Amenities

As one of South Bengaluru’s top-of-the-line residential apartment complexes, Brigade Komarla Heights offers everything you need for an active and peaceful life. 

Take a look at the top-notch amenities at Brigade Komarla Heights that will uplift the living experience for you and your family:

  • Basketball Court

    Achieve your fitness goals by playing a quick game of double dribble on the premium-quality basketball court. 
  • 5-A-Side Football Court

    Brigade will bring the field in-house if you are still looking for one in the bustling city of Bengaluru to enjoy a ball game. Access the 5-A-Side football court and enliven the FIFA spirit in you.
  • Indoor Badminton Court

    Are you up for an energetic racquetball game after a long day? The indoor badminton court is the place to be. Enjoy a game with friends from your community.
  • Cricket Pitch

    No more hanging out at your regular joints. It is time that you make it more entertaining. A game or two at the cricket pitch is your new and most exciting way of meeting and greeting your friends.
  • Outdoor Gym

    The key to an excellent workout is to hit a high-intensity circuit with minimal equipment. The best place to do it is at an outdoor gym with fresh air and the surrounding greenery as your company.
  • Table Tennis

    Are you losing to your colleague because of a weak backhand? Time to work on it. Practise at the on-campus table tennis court and smash it in a way that gives a pro a run for their money.
  • Pool/Kids Pool

    Break away from the daily grind at the community swimming pool. Watch your kids master the backstroke and butterfly techniques under expert supervision at their designated pool area. 
  • Exercise Lawn

    Level up your workout program at the open exercise lawn. Work out the way you want with no strict routine or time limits amidst surrounding greenery. 
  • Pool Table

    Break away from your monotonous routine at the pool table. Gel with like-minded neighbours over a game or two and experience community living in its true sense.
  • Play Lawn

    Getting your kids off the screen is no longer a battle; here they can have fun and indulge in various activities while socialising with other kids.
  • Board Games

    Bring out the dice, and get everyone on board for a game of ludo or chess – an indoor game area is the perfect place for kids to spend time with families.
  • Festive Lawn

    Witness the coming together of the Brigade Komarla Heights community. Celebrate festivals and parties with huge pomp at the on-campus festive lawn.
  • Hobby Court

    It is never too late to pursue your dreams. Realise your dream and live for your passion at the hobby court. You will always have things to do in this area.
  • Jogging Track

    It does not matter if you are an early bird or a night owl who likes to go for a run in the middle of the night or at the break of dawn — the well-lit jogging track is open for you 24/7 to help you fulfil your fitness goals anytime.
  • Seating Under the Tree

    Enjoy lush greenery with friends and family under a canopy of trees. Take a break from your exercise route for a casual walk or simply experience the serenity in solitude.
  • Tot Lot

    Let your child have a good time outdoors at the on-campus tot area. It offers a safe and exciting environment with ample room to explore and make new friends.
  • Kid’s Play Area

    Here’s putting a fun spin on the classic play structure with bright colours and a unique design. The play area is built for children to have fun and stay active.
  • Meditation Pavilion

    Feel the stress melt away as you meditate in the peaceful pavilion surrounded by green zones. The surroundings truly accentuate your meditation experience.
  • Open Air Theatre

    Do you have ideas for gala cultural events but need an ideal space to host them? Bring them outdoors at the open-air theatre and give your audience an immersive cultural experience.
  • Pet’s Park

    Even your furry or feathery friends need quality time and socialisation. The pet park is the perfect place for your buddies to mingle with their new friends, exercise and strengthen their bonds with you.

Brigade Komarla Heights Location

Home is not just a place to rest; it is where you can do multiple things within the comfort of your personal space. Weekends are worth waiting for when you can plan an outing at a moment’s notice without having to brave the city traffic. Turn all these prospects into possibilities at the Brigade Komarla Heights location.

The real estate project is on Subramanyapura Main Road, Uttarahalli, Padmanabhanagar. It is just a short drive away from important landmarks of the city. Banashankari metro station is approximately 10 mins away from this apartment, and so are significant roadways such as the NICE Road, Kanakapura Road and Outer Ring Road, among others.

Brigade Software Park is the nearest employment centre which is about a 10-minute drive from the residential high-rise. 

Deccan International School and Brigade School are among the reputed educational institutions close to Brigade Komarla Heights.

Medical emergencies can be swiftly addressed at nearby hospitals like Sagar Hospitals and Motherhood Hospitals.

Treat yourself to occasional retail therapies at the choicest shops in Vega City Mall, Central, or Gopalan Innovation Mall. Explore and bargain for commodities ranging from flowers, trinkets, and pooja articles to dress materials on the streets of Gandhi Bazaar. 

Weekends are also about quiet walks in quaint surroundings. Add this activity to your weekend to-do list as you jog or walk along the nearby lakes, spend some time with nature at Lalbagh, or explore the Turahalli Forest — all within a short distance from Brigade Komarla Heights real estate enclave.

Want more options to make your long weekend worthwhile? Take the spiritual route and visit the 16th Century Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple. Cross the hillock to reach the famous Bull Temple. It is worth mentioning that ISKCON’s tallest Gopura will greet your eye right from your home every day, bringing positive energy to start your day.

Asian, Middle Eastern or Continental — you have every option within the shortest distance to satisfy your gastronomic cravings anytime.

Brigade Komarla Heights Floor Plan

A home is a place that brings you warmth and happiness. A lot of thought has gone into every aspect of Brigade Komarla Heights floor planning, colour scheme etc so that these exude a spirit of jubilation and cosiness in every corner of your home. 

The residential high-rise has 25 storeys offering 2 and 3 BHK apartments. 2 BHK apartments are styled with three-floor plans to accommodate two bedrooms, two toilets and a balcony with a super built-up area (SBA) ranging from 1094 sq ft to 1104 sq ft.

3 BHK apartments are styled with seven types of floor plans to accommodate the following combinations:

  • three bedrooms+two toilets+one balcony
  • three bedrooms+two toilets+two balconies
  • three bedrooms+three toilets+two balconies
  • three bedrooms+three toilets+one balcony

Brigade Komarla Heights Developer Information

You may find many options that will entice you with early bird discounts and other alluring deals. In reality, the freebies can be doled out as face-savers for a builder who refuses to be transparent on things like the status of obtaining NOC on the property, the exact date of handing over the property vs. the promised date, etc.

Such situations can spoil the entire house-owning experience — something that freebies cannot compensate for. 

Brigade Group has earned the reputation of building sturdy and outstanding retail, residential, hospitality, and commercial properties. They are one of the most prominent builders relied on by many across India. Brigade Group has its headquarters in Bengaluru with a delegate office in Dubai. The builder has multiple offices to conduct operations in South India. 

Over the years, the builder has earned multiple accolades, which include the Best Developer of the Year award at the Times Business Awards 2019 and the “One of India’s Top Challengers” award at the CWAB Awards 2019, among others. Brigade Group happens to be the first developer in South India to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

Why Should You Invest in Brigade Komarla Heights?

One of the most significant selling points of Brigade Komarla Heights is its location. Padmanabhanagar in South Bangalore is the hotbed of extensive infrastructural development with underpasses, flyovers, well-tarred roads and metro stations. It is regarded as one of the upcoming posh areas in Bengaluru. 

The area is dotted with numerous prestigious educational institutions, large healthcare centres, eateries, banks, cafes, salons, spas, shopping malls, etc., making it a highly sought-after residential area for both families and bachelors — those who want to live the vibrant and glitzy city life within a suburban area.

For some, the advantage of living in the suburbs is detaching from the usual city hullabaloo. It is an aspect that draws families to this area. The extension of the Namma Metro green line has made commuting easy for people who work at tech parks located in Whitefield, Electronic City and Outer Ring Road, among others. 

Easy commuting has prompted homeowners to make a beeline to invest in residential properties in Padmanabhanagar, resulting in a high appreciation for property prices. This makes investing in Brigade Komarla Heights a viable option in the long run.

There is nothing better than experiencing life in a high-end apartment in a posh locality at an affordable price. An array of amenities, excellent connectivity to employment hubs, schools and entertainment centres, prospects of skyrocketing property prices and the beautiful cityscape from your balcony make this high-rise a desirable residential residence for all.


What are the Brigade Komarla Heights specifications?

Brigade Komarla Heights offers:

  • A total area of 4 acres
  • Features 2 and 3 BHK apartments
  • Located in Padmanabhanagar
  • Has 25 storeys

Which is the nearest metro to Brigade Komarla Heights?

The nearest metro station to Brigade Komarla Heights is Banashankari.

How to book Brigade Komarla Heights property?

You can fill out this form to post an enquiry about how to book this property.

What are the amenities provided at Komarla Heights by Brigade?

The residential high-rise provides a wide range of amenities to make the lives of the residents convenient, active and exciting. The amenities provided are:

  • Basketball Court
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Pool/Kids Pool
  • Play Lawn
  • 5-A-Side Football Court
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Exercise Lawn
  • Board Games
  • Indoor Badminton Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Pool Table
  • Kids Play Area
  • Festive Lawn
  • Hobby Court
  • Walkway/Jogging Track
  • Seating Under Trees
  • Meditation Pavilion
  • Tot Lot
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Pet’s Park

Where is Brigade Komarla Heights located?

Brigade Komarla Heights is located in Padmanabhanagar, South Bengaluru.

What are the different types of floor plans available for Brigade Komarla Heights?

Brigade Komarla Heights provides 2 BHK apartments styled in three types of floor plans:


Two bedrooms + two Toilets

SBA 101.63 Sq.m (1094 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 68.40 Sq.m (736 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 4.69 Sq.m (50 Sq.Ft)


Two bedrooms + two toilets

SBA 104.88 Sq.m (1129 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 69.92 Sq.m (753 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 4.69 Sq.m (50 Sq.Ft)


Two bedrooms + two toilets

SBA 102.56 Sq.m (1104 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 68.86 Sq.m (741 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 4.69 Sq.m (50 Sq.Ft)

3 BHK apartments are styled in the following floor plans:


Three bedrooms + two toilets

SBA 132.31 Sq.m (1424 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 91.69 Sq.m (987 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 4.57 Sq.m (49 Sq.Ft)


Three bedrooms + two toilets + two balconies

SBA 140.09 Sq.m (1508 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 91.69 Sq.m (987 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 9.84 Sq.m (106 Sq.Ft)


Three bedrooms + two toilets + two balconies

SBA 136.77 Sq.m (1472 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 89.62 Sq.m (965 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 9.67 Sq.m (104 Sq.Ft)


Three bedrooms + two toilets

SBA 128.97 Sq.m (1388 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 89.62 Sq.m (965 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 4.36 Sq.m (47 Sq.Ft)


Three bedrooms + three toilets + two balconies

SBA 161.12 Sq.m (1734 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 103.03 Sq.m (1109 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 9.88 Sq.m (106 Sq.Ft)


Three bedrooms + three toilets

SBA 153.13 Sq.m (1648 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 103.03 Sq.m (1109 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 4.67 Sq.m (50 Sq.Ft)


Three bedrooms + three toilets + two balconies

SBA 164.83 Sq.m (1774 Sq.Ft)

Carpet Area: 105.72 Sq.m (1138 Sq.Ft)

Balcony: 10.11 Sq.m (109 Sq.Ft)

What are the RERA numbers for Brigade Komarla Heights?

The RERA registration number for Brigade Komarla Heights is PRM/KA/RERA/1251/310/PR/140322/004754

How can I get a brochure of Brigade Komarla Heights?

You can fill this form to get the brochure emailed to you.




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