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Seven Must-Read Books for Real Estate Investors

February 28, 2018

When it comes to investing in real estate, the one factor that either makes or breaks the deal is research. The more you read and educate yourself on the dos and don’ts of investment, the higher the probability of you making the right choice. With so many properties and burgeoning localities out there, finding the quintessential home for your family is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Let us help you with a list of the best real estate investment books that are guaranteed to keep you hooked from cover to cover and give you the clarity you are looking for.

Investing in Real Estate – How to Make Money and Save Tax
This amazing read authored by Subhash Lakhotia, explains the challenges involved in real estate investment in a very simple and straightforward manner.  The book is divided into commercial and residential real estate investment to give the reader a closer insight into both the aspects of the sector. Whether you are contemplating investing in an apartment or villa or looking for a new office space for your firm, read on for in-depth knowledge and helpful tips.

Real Estate Investing – 7 Ways Anyone Can Use to Make Money in Real Estate
Apart from highlighting the investing strategies involved in buying a property, this book also provides insights on the various methods one can use to generate as much income as possible through your investment, including the pros and cons of buying vs renting a property. Written by renowned author Mark Atwood, it is one of the best real estate investment books you will come across.

Real Estate Investing for Dummies
As the name suggests, Real Estate Investing for Dummies is an insightful read for those who are comparatively new to property investment. Industry experts Robert Griswold and Eric Tyson leave no stone unturned in providing readers with a better understanding of the long-term benefits of the property sector and guidance on how to pick the right development for your investment.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
They say experience is the best teacher and The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is proof to this. Unlike other books on real estate investment, this stunning read offers collective insights of over 100 investors who have succeeded in becoming millionaires by investing in the property sector. The fact that the strategies presented in the book have already been tried and tested makes it stand out on any bookshelf.

What Every Indian Should Know Before Investing - 2017 edition
This lovely read by Vinod Pottayil helps readers understand all the sectors of investment from gold and mutual funds to real estate. The comparative analysis provided aids investors in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of their investments with helpful pointers on how to save taxes using your home loan and the various insurance policies involved. The latest edition of this series also throws light on how to manage finances in a simple and lucid language.

The ABC of Real Estate in India
Authored by Sachin Mittal, The ABC of Real Estate in India is one of the best real estate investment books in the country. As the name suggests, this publication provides readers with the basics of real estate investment from the financial aspects to the marketing strategies. It covers all the facets of the real estate industry including insights on the recently-implemented RERA and GST bills and its impact on the Indian economy.

The Guide to Property Investing
This book truly lives up to its name of being an extensive guide when it comes to investing in real estate. From the complexities of renting out your property and boosting the resale value of your apartment to the beneficial aspects of mutual funds for real estate, it gives readers a comprehensive understanding of the way the industry works and how they can multiply their capital through it. Written by celebrated author Samuel Blankson, this book is a must-read for all first-time home buyers.

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Now that you know what the best real estate investment books are, it is time you head out to your nearest bookstore or log on to your most-preferred retail site to bookmark these thought-provoking reads. Head out to the Brigade Group for the best real estate investment options for NRIs and seasoned investors with a top focus on privacy and impeccable luxury. 

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