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Apartments vs Villas: How to Make the Right Choice

March 17, 2023

The two most popular options that race the minds of people when it comes to purchasing a house are Apartments and Villas. Buying a house is a crucial decision and understanding what will give you a better ROI and which of them is a better real-estate investment is important. Brigade Group considered people's choice to buy apartments or villas and developed Brigade Valencia and Brigade Oasis. The first is a luxury apartment complex; the latter is a well-planned luxury plotted development. Check out a few quick tips below that will help you make a right decision that will best suit your lifestyle.

Benefit of Facilities

While both apartments & villas give you wide range of facilities in common like gymnasium, swimming pools, basketball courts, recreational centres and much more, villas have their own benefits of having an in-house gardens, luxurious living spaces, exclusive parking area, complete privacy and more. The cost of a villa is any day on a higher side but the perks you get in a villa makes it worth every penny.

Fun Filled Community Living

Apartments are the best examples of a perfect community living, For extroverts on the look out to meet new people or for a cheerful family or for the bachelors who have just moved to a new city or the first time home buyers, apartment is a best opt as it is safer, fun & gives you the comfort of having people around. The apartment community, frequently runs a lot of events within the campus that helps the resident interact with the neighbours and bond with them. The community life is always fun with varied cultures combined into one beautiful relationship.

Personal Space & Privacy

Privacy is one of the most important factors in a house and no better place to find maximum privacy than in villas. With the growing population, apartments usually have more demand and hence are overcrowded. Some people prefer community living while the others require a certain amount of personal space and seclusion, and villas are a perfect place for this prime feature.

An Opportunity to Customize your House

One of the most positive benefits of owning a villa is the freedom of being the engineer to your house. You get to be the master of your design and strategize your home with what you feel is most fit. This isn’t possible in apartments as there will be constraints in the context of space and size. You cannot expand your apartment beyond a certain measurement and will be forced to make-do with what is given. Hence, if you aspire to be the architect behind your house, Villas will be the best fit for you.

Complete Safety & Security

Another factor that is very important while considering an apartment is the benefit of security. Since it is a community, there will be maximum safety that is guaranteed to all the occupants. From efficient security guards checking and verifying every visitors to helpful neighbours will ensure a perfectly safe atmosphere to live in, whereas in villas there is not as much as security as provided in apartments unless it is community villas. Although there is basic security provided, most of it is relied on the security installed in each house, depending on the buyer.

Luxury of Multiple Storied House

The luxury of having two floors in your house is a reminder to not settle for less when you can have more at your disposal. The convenience of living in ease is maximised when you have more moving space in your house. Villas offer you this exclusive feature which allows you to create more storage room and include various utility rooms in your own house, such as a study hall, your personal garden where you can grow your own organic vegetables, etc.

Owning Pets

If apartment complexes aren’t pet friendly and the family moving in has one, then that could be a constraint. Some communities do not encourage sheltering of fur-friends due to disturbance while others do. Whereas in Villas, this sort of authoritative decisions is entirely yours to make.

Cost Affairs / Price Points

Apartments are any day a healthier investment option as the cost of the apartment is always cheaper than villas. It doesn’t end at just the purchase price of the properties, villas are also expensive when it comes to a regular maintenance or the monthly maintenance charges which makes it a continuous investment throughout the ownership while apartments are more cost effective with lower spends after the initial investment.

These are some of the parameters that you can consider while making the biggest decision of your lifetime, buying your home. Happy house hunting!


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