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How Apartments These Days Focus on Your Privacy

May 24, 2023

Until a while back, one of the biggest factors that made people hesitant to choose an apartment over an independent house was the lack of privacy. In the ever-raging debate on apartments vs villas, villas seemed to have the edge because of the increased privacy they offered. People pictured apartments as tiny cramped spaces where your neighbours could look into your home and where privacy was a rare luxury. However, these images are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Today, builders are increasingly recognising the basic need for privacy most home buyers crave and are catering to it. Brigade Valencia is a theme-based apartment enclave that promises upscale living in utmost privacy, just like a villa. Following suit, real estate developers are undertaking measures to exhibit their focus on a resident’s privacy while planning a building architecture:

No two balconies face each other

Leaving balconies wide open is a great way to let natural light and fresh air into your home. However, if a neighbour’s balcony looks into your own, then you’re most likely to keep it shut. These days, apartments are built making sure that balconies do not face each other. At Brigade Orchards, meticulous care has been taken to ensure that every balcony gets the most of the natural view. When you open the doors to your balcony here, you will be welcomed with panoramic views of your natural surroundings. Every resident will be able to fling open their balcony doors and take in the beautiful view without any fear of their privacy being invaded.

There are special utility areas in the house

Most apartments now come with separate service areas for the convenience of the residents. Designated balconies for washing utensils and doing laundry are laid away from balconies that the family uses for leisure. There’s also a separate room for domestic helpers so they can have their own space to live in as well. Additionally, domestic helpers even have a separate entrance to the house, with access to the service area alone, so you do not have to leave your house keys with the maid to get work done when you are not at home. At Brigade Caladium, situated in the well-connected locality of Hebbal, separate service rooms are provided for domestic helpers to maintain the privacy of the family. There are also separate service entries into homes which allow domestic help and maintenance crews to go about their work without disturbing the residents of the home.

Apartments are widely spaced or on independent floors

The days of apartments packed close together are long gone. Today, special care is taken to ensure that each apartment block has ample space on all sides and isn’t placed too close to a neighbouring tower. This means that residents can enjoy a better view of their surroundings. They also won’t have to deal with neighbouring houses being able to see inside their own homes. Some apartments even have the luxury of an entire floor just for themselves. At Brigade Crescent, only one apartment occupies each floor, affording each resident complete privacy.

24x7 security guards are stationed at every entrance

Apartments today don’t just offer you better privacy within your own home, but they also gift you privacy from the outside world. Highly trained security personnel are always stationed at every gate to grant residents maximum security. These security guards vet every new visitor entering the apartment complex to guarantee your safety. This is why apartments are a much better option than independent houses when it comes to safety and security. Every Brigade property has round-the-clock security along with CCTV cameras installed in corridors and public spaces to help you and your family feel completely safe.

Some apartments offer individual terraces

Many luxury apartments now offer special penthouses or duplex apartments to give their residents even greater privacy. These penthouses often come with their own terrace gardens and private access to the terrace. Penthouses are perfect for someone who wants the security and convenience of an apartment along with the solitude and garden spaces that independent houses have. Brigade Exotica is one of the best examples of the luxury of privacy. Every apartment comes equipped with its own large private patio so residents can enjoy a private garden just for themselves.

If you’re looking for apartments that prize your privacy above all, then look no further than Brigade. Each of our homes is built to cater to every single one of your needs. If you are a first-time buyer, make sure you take a look at our detailed blogs on the pros and cons of buying vs renting a property and how the real estate sector is shaping up post RERA and GST for a better understanding of the property market. Visit Brigade Group today and take a look at our beautifully laid out apartments, surrounded by lush, green landscaped gardens.


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