Embracing the culture of women-power in workspaces


Embracing the culture of women-power in workspaces

March 17, 2023

The last few decades have seen a sudden rise in the number of job switches by women leaders across the country. Despite the extremist views lingering in society, we have seen more ambitious, young successful women prepared to face the world. But to create a meaningful & sustainable change towards gender equality, organizations must move beyond table stakes.

As per research conducted by McKinsey, the world is going through a “Great Breakup” which implies the shift of women’s perspective towards working culture.

After the longest WFH setup, workspaces are moving with all-encompassing views on embracing inclusion and diversity. Their systems believe in offering support and skills to detect gender biasing and lean towards their strengths instead. Brigade workspaces are high on sustainability keeping the element of wellness equally paramount, which deliberates our Inspire Nxt philosophy of creating workspaces beyond concrete structures. These offices offer fully equipped professional spaces where women can attend to their day-to-day commitments with undivided attention and enjoy the perfect work-life balance.

Moving into professional acceleration, women are considered to be more clear-headed, and assertive and are now switching companies at unprecedented rates to reach their goals. In fact, studies show that women have now surpassed men in leadership too!

Here are 5 major reasons why every workspace needs a great woman-workforce:

Women are set to craft the future of workspaces
Women have been founders, CEOs, and CFOs of world-renowned brands for a few decades now. But there seems to be a disconnect between the estimated and the actual number of women leaders due to a few major reasons. But despite all odds, there was a 29% hike in women's leadership positions in 2019 which further grew to 31% in 2021. Women are set to paint the future of the business world with their smashing expertise in their respective domains. They are also paving the way for younger aspiration women leaders who are set to be a breakthrough as C-suites thereby changing the women leaders ratio around the globe.

Room for running ideas through a fresh pair of eyes
As per research, women leaders were considered to be more transformational with respect to men. They had more to offer on the table, from a newer perspective to being more innovative while looking at solutions, to problems in everyday work tasks and holistically at the business level too. Women are known to bring much-needed creative freedom into businesses that cater not just to women, but also to men. Apart from their newer skillset, they are wired to be better decision-makers from the smallest to the most significant issues. While balancing careers, domestic life and many other domains, women are experts at quickly adapting themselves to any given situation and focusing on finding concrete solutions to real-time work issues.

Enhancing team dynamics to a large extent
Women are all about doing things with utmost dedication fueled by passion and can take control of almost any situation. In extremely demanding circumstances, there is more cooperation than domination when it comes to women's leadership roles. When it comes to a generation that learns a lot from their role models, women play a vital role in harnessing the skillsets of bright young minds by offering great mentorship. This “family-like” environment boosts teamwork and positions a new culture of working within the organization.

Redefining the leadership roles in workspaces
Places with a more diverse workforce are linked to yielding better results and high-goal achievement. Myriad leadership traits are redefined ever since women are found in executive teams. In fact, the contributions made by women have led to better financial performances, operational efficiency, the well-being of employees and overall organizational climate. Baroness Berridge, Minister for Women, UK stated that organisations with the top 25% of gender diversity on their c-suite are over 20% more likely to earn high profitability. Women in leadership roles have aided their workplaces by establishing meaningful relationships with their customers, been inspirational to women employees and led to a higher employee engagement ratio.

Given the organizational climate follows a transformational course, women from all over the world can benefit tremendously from it. What is remarkable about modern-day offices is that they are ideally located and create an inclusive environment for women who were once working only from their homes. Alongside, with a comprehensive plan that focuses on advancing women, modern-day workspaces like Workspaces by Brigade can pioneer the work lives of women. The next few years await a stronger workforce of women mavericks who are recognized, valued and rewarded for their leadership, technical or interpersonal skills, across all domains.



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