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Top 5 Emerging Architecture Trends for 2022

June 23, 2022

A home is a reflection of your personality. Often, designing a home is like making a statement. When it comes to the evolution of architecture over the years, we can see how the element of personal expression always took precedence over trends. Every trend more or less was born out of the need to make personal spaces work better for people. Here are our picks for the top five emerging architecture trends this year:

1. Sustainability
Architectural firms are now focusing keenly on minimizing the environmental impact of buildings through efficiency and moderate use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large. To echo the words of Council of Architecture’s president Habeeb Khan, architecture should indeed always be oriented toward the environment.
Water conservation, waste management and conservation of biodiversity are among many other systems that Brigade Group implements in its projects. While the growing need for larger, luxurious residences and an array of exclusive amenities are met, more effective ways of construction are carefully planned and executed.

2. Multifunctional Spaces
Since the pandemic, people have started spending more time indoors. For that reason, modern houses are expanding to multitask as many other functional areas. Guest rooms are used as workstations and bedrooms as workout spaces. Kitchens operate as discussion rooms and open floor plans can serve as a family room, home office or entertainment areas. Homeowners are more aware of their spaces and consider their residences to blend with their changing needs. Jimmy Mistry, luxury décor retailer, architect, and designer quips how people have started to reassess their home design and almost everyone wants a corner to work from home.

3. Organic architecture
Designing spaces and structures balanced with their natural surroundings has become an integral part of the decor. Serene spaces alongside forest land, meditation parks, walkways flanked by a dense canopy and fountains that bring you closer to nature are some of the most sought-after trends in architecture. A breed of Indian architects like Chitra Vishwanath, Yatin Pandya, Trupti Doshi and the likes have already adopted organic architecture as a significant feature of their work.

4. Minimalism
Minimalism as a design concept is about executing spaces that are clutter-free and efficient. Though in architecture, the age-old idea of less is more also stresses the use of building materials that agree with the natural surroundings. Minimalism aims to reduce visual noise and keep structures simple. The style has been shaping modern architecture since the 1980s and it is still touted for its positive psychological impact on homeowners.

5. Smart Homes
Automation technologies, IoT, robotics and algorithms are teaming up with architecture to come up with many solutions that can enhance comfort within our homes. With the smart homes industry growing steadily, homeowners now have the option to choose and combine smart home products or solutions that best suit their own needs. With the help of smart designs that imagine the user’s lifestyle, architects can suggest integrated solutions, says Rahul Kumar, Principal Architect, Rajinder Kumar & Associates.

Bringing together innovators to use these architectural trends and curate sustainable, efficient and world-class projects has been the top priority of Brigade Group. We constantly keep pace with the ever-evolving technology and innovative designs that stand out. It’s a limitless world for creative professionals to build in, and the year 2022 offers a bold, creative and thoughtful time for architecture to flourish.




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